Monday, September 9th, 2013

Even in tough economic times, your home and office can still look great and be environmentally friendly with the use of recycled and upcycled materials.

Melbourne property styling expert Brianna O’Neil said that it’s not difficult to use recycled items to add personality and flair to your home whilst reducing your carbon footprint.

“When styling a home, it may surprise you to hear that places like eBay and the Salvation Army are one of my first ports of call for artwork and decor,” said Ms O’Neil.

“Sometimes the most interesting items can be found where you least expect it and don’t cost an arm and a leg,” she said.

“Vintage items are not a new trend and many blogs and websites give ideas on how they can be best used.”

Ms Helen Edwards, author of Recycled Interiors blog, which focuses on sustainable decorating says “I love the way a window frame, an old door, second hand chair, a piece of lace or fabric, a lamp, cushion or an upcycled piece of furniture can connect us to human history and reduce our footprint at the same time.”

“The aim is to show you how to make mindful and ethical choices in your interior decorating and design, without compromising on style,” said Ms. Edwards. 

Ms O’Neil recommended using the following techniques to give an element of personality to your home via recycled and upcycled items:

• Vintage books – Old books are one of my favourite ways to decorate a bedside table or shelving system. Stack them in interesting ways using bookends or use the pages to line drawers or make wall hangings. However, always check the value of the book before pulling it apart. 

• Restore furniture – If you are feeling thrifty, search eBay for used furniture. It can be brought back to life by a good restorer and a dash of wow can be added with designer upholstery fabric.

• Photos – too often our photography will never see the outside of a Facebook folder. Why not have some fun printing travel photos on canvas as a series or restore old family images to be framed.

• Wall hangings can be made from just about anything – old tea towels can be hung using dowel rods and mirrors can be decorated with mosaics from old tiles. 

• Recycle fabrics to make cushions and purchase fabrics by the “fat quarter” (a quarter of a standard yard) to stretch over canvas from a discount or two dollar shop.

“One of the best things about upcycling is that it really is a lot of fun and can add a point of difference to your home and office. And it’s a guilt free way to decorate.”

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