Friday, March 17th, 2017

It is common knowledge that a magician never reveals his secrets. Magic is about creating an illusion for the audience, and hence the performers keep the intricate details of their tricks hush hush.

However one magician in Melbourne, Australia is taking a different approach. Known as the "honest conman", Nicholas Johnson is a magician who deceives the eye, and then tells you exactly how he does it!

With a passion for scams and deceptions, Nicholas is paving out a successful career exposing the tricks of the trade. From corporate organisations to high school groups, his shows have audienced entertained and educated about the art of deception.

In 1987, Nicholas won his first award - for 'Best Colouring In' in Mrs Allan's Year 2 Class. Twenty-nine years later and he added to his accolades 2016 Melbourne Magic Festival 'Best Comedy' award.

The 'Scam Show' is by far his most popular performance. It's during this show that the unique magician gives you a peak behind the curtain to look at the world of the professional con artist. He performs an amazing sleight of hand that fools the audience over and over again. And then he reveals a range of classic scams and magic tricks.

His growing popularity is showing that a magician CAN reveal his secrets, especially if you do it with humour.

Nicholas has appeared on a variety of television and radio shows such as:

  • A Current Affair
  • Today
  • The Project
  • Sunrise
  • Kid's WB
  • Triple J
  • Radio National

He's also appeared at the Edinburgh Fringe and the Melbourne Comedy Festival.

If you haven't heard the name Nicholas Johnson yet, you're lying, because you've just read the article. And if you're ever in Australia, look him up. He may teach you a thing or two about magic!

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