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Owner Louise Vangestel has had a love affair of gemstones since she was a child. It would seem a love of gemstones seems to be a genetic trait with her father collecting stone artefacts and grandfather, great grandfathers and uncles having been fossickers and miners of old.

Crown of Jewels supplies best natural gemstones direct from the mines. Louise said she has spent so much time investing in a network of miners all round the world resulting in being able to select only the best, the best colour, the best cut, the best clarity and at the best possible price.

We asked, why gemstones and not diamonds? Louise laughed and said Diamonds are not a girl's best friend!! Gemstones are far more rare than diamonds! And who doesn't love colour!

Take for instance a beautiful 3.33ct tanzanite I have, its 1000 times more rare than a diamond! It is found only in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro and isnt it nice to know where its actually come from?  Louise said "Africa is interesting stone source as its not just about the stones, being also about educating the miners and supporting the families as a whole. Through our contact, we buy from Women's groups, for instance there is a Group in Merelani. We have standing orders with them and buy regularly from them.

Our contact on the ground there supports small scale miners by giving them advice and direction as to mining, how to use their capital effectively. They put them in the right direction. They advise them on what sizes to look for, clarities, colours etc.....and what prices we pay for what material which allows them to work backwards and make a profit and calculated decisions. So its a win win for us and the miners."
So why buy loose gemstones instead of pre-set jewellery?

Louise advised, there are many reasons, but it comes down to value and choice. Loose gemstones are less expensive, better value and you can really see what you are paying for. Usually you get more information about the stone, where its from, learn about the 4 C's etc. The most important part is knowing that jewellery can hide inclusions and can deepen or brighten its colour.

She said 'Buying a loose stone you can really inspect the gem and see it for what it is. That way you can get a better idea of its true worth and be sure you are paying a fair price.'

Crown of Jewels is achieving wholesale pricing as we have no store, no over heads and buying direct from the mines cuts out all middle men. We are small, niche and only keep a small cashe of select gemstones at any time. The stones we have are the very best available at a fantastic price!

Our buying scope extends around the world. So where ever you are, if we dont have something suitable for you now, we can source it for you!

Innovative and sensual gemstones with you in mind for your designs with your own jeweller.

Louise advises she will also be offering gemstone partys held at your home to be able to look, touch and feel the beautiful array of stones.

Crown of Jewels offers sensational quality at wholesale prices for everyone!

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Phone 0428 909072

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Crown of Jewels

Small niche company with no overheads offering wholesale pricing. Purchasing direct from the mines from around the world.

Louise Vangestel
P: 0428 909072


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