Thursday, September 5th, 2013

World First Virtual Reality based system gives a design team the ability to engage with their project as it takes shape.
Control Room Solutions, a subsidiary of Jumbo Vision International Pty Ltd (JVI), continues to strengthen its market leadership in consulting, design and realisation of high end command and control rooms for oil and gas, mining and public utility providers with the release of its new virtual reality based workspace design system, termed CADwalk™.
Implemented at JVI’s CAVE (Centre for Advanced Virtual Environments) in Adelaide and the result of an ingenious fusion of high-tech 2D and 3D visualisation and control room design skills, CADwalk™ allows project stakeholders – including operators, architects, builders and engineers – to quite literally walk their way through a full-sized representation of a control room and modify the room layout as they proceed, simply by adjusting the placement of passive tracking devices called “trees”, each of which has been assigned to an object.
The CADwalk™ system employs 2D and 3D image projection and 3D Motion Capture cameras to create a full-scale concept layout of a workspace that closely mirrors the room’s actual physical characteristics – not unlike the famous “Holodeck” of Star Trek.
The result is a life-sized digital playground that gives stakeholders a fully immersive visual sense of the room as it will appear when completed. Interactive software provides feedback and control over the layout in real time, with users simply having to physically move the tracking trees until they have achieved the desired output. JVI have found that this also helps to create a greater sense of ownership in the design process for all involved.
CADwalk™ has already been utilised in a live setting with promising results by its very first user worldwide, New Zealand’s national electricity power provider Transpower, who recently completed a major control room design upgrade for their Wellington and Hamilton National Coordination Centre with the aid of the system. Conducted as a two day workshop with operators who had flown out from New Zealand, the first hand visualisation of their desired design and workflow cut an estimated three months from the project design cycle, while, according to Transpower NZ, saving hundreds of emails and costly meetings. They were extremely impressed with the system’s capabilities, said JVI, with one of the operators remarking that CADwalk™ was “space age material”.
“While high value control rooms are our current area of focus, we are looking ahead to selling CADwalk™ as a service to other industries,” said JVI General Manager Lena Kimenkowski. “These include interior home design, hospitals, and quite possibly even bigger projects such as LNG plants, oil rigs, shipbuilding and general construction.”
CADwalk™ was partly funded by a Federal Government grant via Commercialisation Australia to further develop and commercialise the original idea, as well as some software development funding from ITEK Ventures Pty Ltd. JVI also worked in close partnership with the University of South Australia to develop some of the system’s software. Jumbo Vision has patented the CADwalk™ invention and is looking for projects to further validate CADwalk™
The South Australian CADwalk™ screen area is around 200 square metres and uses twelve tracking cameras running at 250 frames per second, operated by a Windows Surface tablet.
The Perth CADwalk™ system has a 60 sqm screen surface area.
“The possibilities opened up by this technology really are limitless,” said Ms. Kimenkowski. “In the near future you may even be designing your next kitchen using CADwalk™.” 

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Established in 1991 in Western Australia, Jumbo Vision International is an Australian-owned and operated company specialising in the design and integration of the physical and audiovisual aspects of Command and Control Centres. With offices in Adelaide and Perth, they have built a reputation as a leading provider of innovative solutions for a wide range of customers and industries across Australia and the Asia-Pacific, and are frequently sourced by both government and industry for their world-class technical rooms, which combine command and control with remote collaboration, virtual reality and advanced communications.

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