Thursday, September 5th, 2013

Candidates for Australia’s new federal parliament do not mirror the multicultural makeup of the electorate.  Would-be MPs of culturally diverse background are under-represented.  Independent analysis of the AEC candidate list forms the basis for OriginsInfo’s latest White Paper.

On Saturday, a field of 1,717 candidates will vie for the chance to represent the Australian electorate.  But how representative is that candidate group?  The population is increasingly multicultural, with more than 28% of today’s Australians from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds*.  However, seats in our national parliament will be contested by a group that does not necessarily reflect Australia’s diverse population.

OriginsInsight:  “Spotlight on Election 2013” discusses candidate diversity from national, state-by-state and party-by-party viewpoints.  The 2013 cohort is Australia’s largest group of electoral contenders yet.  However, analysis of the Australian Electoral Commission candidate list reveals just 13.9% come from communities who mainly migrated post WWII.

The White Paper profiles all major parties and examines candidate cultural diversity in each house of parliament.  Its impartial analysis reveals broad under-representation overall and a distinct lack of cultural diversity among candidates for both the Family First Party and Australian Greens.

The in-depth research shows a prominent over-representation of names reflecting Celtic heritage.  There are also some notable exceptions.  Candidates with names of Lebanese origin appear well represented while those of Greek and Italian background are markedly less so.

Findings were arrived at using sophisticated name analysis algorithms to precisely group candidate data by cultural origin.  This technology is also used by government, commercial and other organisations to accurately measure cultural diversity and develop culturally-aware communication.

OriginsInsight:  “Spotlight on Election 2013” is available for download from Wednesday 4th September at the OriginsInfo website.


* ABS Census, 2011 – Ancestry First Response (net of not stated)


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OriginsInfo provides measurement and insight into Australia’s cultural diversity so organisations can boost communication efficiency through niche cultural segmentation.  The unique name analysis technique helps organisations gain understanding of their customer base and its values.

Applying a blend of data interpretation, pioneering technology and specialist analysis OriginsInfo provides detailed insight about:

  •      cultural composition of the customer base,
  •      market penetration within community groupings,
  •      target audience values and marketing motivators,
  •      customer service enhancement opportunities,
  •      under and over represented cultures,
  •      actual geographic location of prospects.

Viewing customers and prospects in a cultural context gives organisations powerful marketing knowledge.  This insight supports new market identification, informed business decisions and development of engaging, culturally-appropriate communication.

Australia’s cultural diversity is constantly evolving.  Today, leading organisations know tailoring business strategy and communication to cultural segments is more important than ever.  Hundreds of public and private organisations worldwide rely on OriginsInfo to provide a detailed and unique perspective on cultural diversity.

Our Australian clients include blue-chip organisations in financial services, telecommunications, insurance, energy retailing, information services and government.

Together with the Diversity Council Australia, OriginsInfo is also involved in a pioneering project to determine the cultural composition of Senior Executives within the ASX Top 200 companies.
Michael Dove, Director
P: 0418 359 711


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