Thursday, September 5th, 2013
When dental professionals open a practice, they have to make several important decisions, including whether they will use a brush motor or a brushless motor. According to Axis|SybronEndo, a leading manufacturer of endodontic equipment, instruments and dental supplies, there are several reasons for practitioners to choose a brushless motor.

The differences between a brush motor and a brushless one range far beyond the presence -- or nonexistence -- of a brush. For example, brush motors are mechanically commutated, while brushless motors are electronically commutated. Furthermore, brush motors have a limited range of torque, because as speed increases, so does brush friction, causing viable torque to decrease. In addition, brush motors can operate on an alkaline battery alone without a speed controller, whereas a brushless motor relies on such a controller.

However, many dental professionals see that the brushless motor is the way of the future, for several reasons. Benefits of using a brushless motor, as compared with using a brush motor, include:

    Better control of speed and torque
    Less maintenance, as there are no brushes to replace
    Improved heat dissipation
    Lower rotor inertia
    No electromagnetic interference, which is generated by brush arcing in brush motors
    More accurate in positioning apps, as it relies on the Hall Effect position sensors for commutation
    Higher efficiency among components due to no power loss across brushes
    Compact packaging and small size
    Low-noise operation
    Higher speed ranges

In terms of brushless motors, Axis|SybronEndo offers the DTC Motor, which is preset for the company's most common files and its M4 Safety Handpiece. Practitioners will love the motor's user-friendly interface, as it expresses torque not in percentages but in actual gram centimeter units. The fully autoclavable motor and cable assembly means it can be detached from its console with ease.

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