Thursday, September 5th, 2013

National website company Itomic Web Specialists has launched a new website for St John Ambulance Western Australia, called ‘clicktosave'.  The new website is a positive training initiative to help reduce road accident deaths and serious injury.

‘' is an online, basic first aid course that is free to the public. It was created to raise awareness around that fact that many traffic accident fatalities can be avoided by simply tilting a casualty's head back, in order to clear the airway.

It only takes 30 mins to do the course and includes a series of interactive lessons, followed by an exam at the end. If the participant scores 100% on the exam they get a downloadable first aid certificate with their name on it. The course is optimised for quick and easy participation on mobile devices.

St John Ambulance is currently campaigning to introduce mandatory first aid training for all new drivers. They surveyed more than 5,000 people from WA in 2009 and again in 2013, asking them what they thought about introducing mandatory first aid training for new drivers. In both instances the results were conclusive, and participants overwhelmingly agree that this free online training course would have a positive impact on the road toll in Western Australia.

 ‘clicktosave' site was created by Perth company, Itomic Web Specialists. Ben Townsend, Managing Director of Itomic said "It only takes four minutes to die from a blocked airway (with no serious injury) and up to 10 minutes for an ambulance to arrive at the scene of the accident. Some of these deaths can be avoided with basic
first aid skills."

To make the site as easy to navigate as possible, Itomic implemented (mainly) multiple choice questions along with St John's high quality imagery and video content to keep the course very clean and visual. The online course also uses a responsive template so that is can be viewed seamlessly on smart phones and other handheld devices (such as the iPad).

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