Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010
Seacure, a Queensland based company, has released its brand new product – the Seacure bag. This unique bag, which is totally waterproof and crush proof, is perfect for protecting valuables like mobile phones, keys, glasses, passport, etc during your outdoor activities.

Seacure bags are designed in Australia from hi-impact resistant materials, 100% water, dust and crush proof - and they float!

They are easily worn during most outdoor activities such as surfing, jet skiing, sail boarding, fishing, kayaking, rafting, swimming, snorkeling, bush walking and even snow skiing!

Get peace of mind and protection for just $29.95. The Seacure bag was designed and formed out of the necessity to protect your valuables.

“The history behind Seacure Bum bags is an interesting one,” explains Seacure spokesman Chris Fletcher. “They were developed here in Australia when a friend and his son nearly drowned in a boating accident off Bateman's Bay on the NSW south coast."

The pair had gone sailing in a small skiff one sunny afternoon, while a ways off shore the boat flipped in a strong gust and they were thrown heavily into the water. Despite wearing a commercially available "waterproof waist bag" that was made of nylon, Chris's friend discovered that it was merely spray proof and could not stand being fully submerged. The bag contained his mobile phone, wallet and car keys - they all got soaking wet!

"They managed to hold onto the keel of the now upturned boat and assess their situation," Chris explains. "Unable to call for help on his now ruined mobile phone despite being in sight of land, they just had to hold on and pray for help."

As the time dragged on they were drifting further out to sea as the sun started setting. A storm was now sweeping up the coast, things were starting to look bad when a fisherman returning home to avoid the bad weather noticed the sun reflecting off the upturned centre board and went to investigate. They were finally safe!

Later that night a huge southerly swept through and if they had not been rescued they would have been blown out to sea and probable swept off the upturned hull and lost their lives!

"This was when we decided to team up and design a totally new bum bag, 100% water and crush proof that would also float!” Chris said.

So there's no more having to worry about having your valuables stolen or damaged. The Seacure bags are designed to safely hold your valuables and other items when out and about.

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Seacure Bum Bags

Available from BCF and good boating, fishing and outdoor stores or you can order it direct from our website High-res pics available for download from website.
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