Sunday, September 1st, 2013
Meet Sarah; she's 24 years old, studied communications at university, speaks French and loves the outdoors. No, she's not single. She's looking for a job.

Sarah, like the 210,000 other job seekers on the OneShift online jobs platform, have signed up to the site in the hopes of landing a position in their ideal career. The process is very similar to a dating website, Sarah's enters details about her location, availability, qualifications and skills and her profile is matched to a relevant job, posted by a business.

There's no hiding her true self on this job platform - Sarah can also upload a profile picture, complete a personality test and record a video introduction of herself outlining what type of job she's looking for and why she'd be the perfect applicant.

Unlike the real world of dating, Sarah's ability to choose what she likes ends here. It's then the businesses turn to review the shortlist of matches and select the best candidate. It's a budget date at this stage because if a business doesn't like what they see, then they don't have to part with their money.

Founder of OneShift, Genevieve George says the option for a business to sign-up, post a job and review their entire job matches for free is just one of the many features of the new jobs network.

"We're creating a platform which is both cost effective for businesses looking for staff and efficient. We've all been through the process of going through a pile of resumes, applicants who don't have the skills or experience that we need for a position and it's always frustrating and time consuming. OneShift removes this step and only matches a business with quality candidates,"
Ms George said.

If a business thinks that a particular job seeker will have what it takes for the role, they pay a one-off fee of $10 to get into contact with them. They can do this with the instant messaging function or live chat room.

"These features are modern, they're new and they're different and it's shaking up the traditional process of hiring staff," Ms George said.


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