Friday, August 30th, 2013
The Country Alliance candidate for Mallee has today expressed real concerns over moves within the Liberal Party to take the trade portfolio in a future Coalition government.

Speaking in Kerang, Michael Coldham referred to the increasing amount of rumour coming from Canberra that the Liberal Party will seek the Trade portfolio should they win next week's election.

"Trade has traditionally been allocated to the National Party and for good reason,” he said.

“While many see the approach of National Party trade ministers as overly protectionist there has been good reason for their stance.  Our primary producers have been hard hit for many years most recently by drought and the strength of the Australian dollar.  They are struggling at the moment and the hard line economic rationalists of the Liberal Party, who would be most likely assume the portfolio, could well introduce policies that would effectively be the "nail in the coffin" for many of them".

"Australia has continued to struggle with our "free trade" approach in what is still in many cases a protectionist world.  Few of our trading partners are as zealous in their adherence to free trade agreements as we are and while no-one disputes the need for greater liberalisation of trade we should not continue to position ourselves as world leaders at the cost of our local producers" he added.

"Country Alliance is committed to the protection of the viability of regional communities and the lives and livelihoods of the Australians who live in them.

“This is one issue where support for the National Party is in complete accordance with our aims" Mr Coldham said.

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The polices that the Country Alliance has provide a balanced range of positions designed to harness and grow regional communities, which creates jobs, which is of special importance to young people also voting for the first time.

In particular, the Country Alliance party is committed to the representation and preservation of the rights and interests of those who live in, work in, or enjoy, rural and regional communities. We believe in equality of access to education, transportation, communication and health care for regional and rural communities. We support freedom of access to the public lands for the responsible pursuit of legitimate employment and recreational activities.

We believe that the land management policies must be guided by and funded to meet the needs of the communities that live adjacent to public land or who access it for their  recreation or livelihood.
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Country Australia will suffer if the Liberals take the trade portfolio



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