Friday, August 30th, 2013
Pensioners receiving prescription medicine in a small Tasmanian community are among those being hit with new delivery fees imposed by Australia Post, according to the Country Alliance party.

Residents in the unnamed town who rely on their chemist to send medicine to their local post office, are now paying a higher price in order to protect Australia Post's profits.

Senate candidate for Tasmania, Cheryl Arnol, said her party has a copy of an email from Australia Post telling its outlets to ensure deliveries received by non-Australia post couriers were passed onto customers at a minimum of $3.95 for parcels up to 500 grams and $5.70 for parcels over 500 grams, even though Australia Post is not providing the delivery service.

The email justifies the new minimum charge saying "this is basically to ensure there is no loss of revenue where we are accepting parcels from other companies".

"Elderly residents in the town used to collect items such as their prescribed medicine deliveries from the local general store. However the store closed down some time ago and the local post office took that over as a free service for the community," Ms Arnol said.

Country Alliance understands similar pick-up arrangements apply at other Australia Post outlets, including interstate.

"Australia Post became aware of that happening at a number of locations and sent the directive, ensuring that it put its commercial interests before those of the community. It's disgraceful", she said.

"With the federal election only days away, we challenge the major parties to carry out a full review of Australia Post's parcel delivery service and commit to ensuring Australia Post is not privatised, like Telstra.  Local communities need their post offices yet neither side of politics has acted to protect them".

"The only way to protect our local post offices and people who rely on them is to vote for Country Alliance because we're the only party prepared to take the issue head on.

NOTE:  The identity and location of the outlet is not disclosed in this release for fear of retribution from Australia Post.  Please direct any enquiries to speak with the outlet to [email protected] and it will be referred on.

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Australia Post sets new minimum fee for non AP delivered parcels



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