Tuesday, August 27th, 2013

(27 August 2013)  Ammar Khan has entered the political race as an Independent Candidate for Chifley in Western Sydney.  The successful businessman, who owns three property service businesses, is a self-made millionaire and has been a Mt Druitt resident for the past 25-years.  He's passionate about becoming a politician that will make a big difference to people's lives, and the public office.

Mr Khan said, "I am keen to show voters that there is another way forward than the current nation-wide negativity which has surrounded voters so far.  As a start I have already addressed each Chifley candidate to ask for their assurance of no ‘dirty politics'."

Mr Khan today released his unprecedented plans for a political landscape. Mr Khan has announced:
1. An 'All-Parties Committee' for Chifley
2. A cooperative alliance of Federal-State-Local governments with the private sector for major projects in Chifley

In conjunction with new alliances, Mr Khan proposes new major projects for the region:
1. Major upgrade of Mt Druitt Hospital, partly or fully funded by a new Mt Druitt Private Hospital and/or other private medical facilities
2. Urban renewal of North Mt Druitt suburbs
3. Major upgrades of Mt Druitt, Rooty Hill and Doonside railway stations

Mr Khan said, "If I become the new Federal Member for Chifley, I will be forming an All-Parties Committee comprising of all candidates from all parties. Following the election, I will offer all candidates to become representatives of their respective parties to receive and address party-specific or certain federal concerns from our constituents in Chifley, and where relevant - report back to their party head office or to myself".

Khan believes voters are looking for something different and feels that people of Chifley deserve to have each and every concern or deficiency actively listened to, and actively addressed - regardless of which tier of government it is the responsibility of, or which political party.

Members of the 'All-Parties Commitee' may be offered an office and facilities to be able to meet constituents.

Mr Khan also aims to establish a cooperative alliance of Federal-State-Local governments that will break down all barriers of party or faction based nepotism, and then establish quality links with the private sector for joint investments into new infrastructure and facilities. This alliance is expected to be a move which is a first in political history for Australia.

Mr Khan said, "My constituents will be much better served if I always value them ahead of my own interests. My electorate will be a much better place if I will work amicably with all levels of government regardless of which party they belong to. I will unite all levels of government to make public and private sector investments simpler. I will nurture this unity in the interest of strong prosperity of my electorate and Nation at large".

Ammar Khan's plan for growth is proactive, and based on business acumen, success, passion and intuition. His growth plan includes making Chifley an economic powerhouse for NSW & Australia, with investment for business, employment and a shake up to transportation and infrastructure, as well as improved housing and community facilities.

Mr Khan added, "I think voters are ready for a groundbreaking change".

Mr Khan has also launched his website,  which provides all his policies and issues facing the Chifley area.

27 August 2013

For further information please visit www.ammarkhan.com.au, or contact Ammar Khan on 1800 128 116 or mobile 0414 256 734, email [email protected]

Follow Ammar on Twitter @khan4chifley


Contact Profile

Ammar Khan, Independent candidate for Chifley

My great vision, a truly heartfelt goal is for a world-class Chifley - an economic powerhouse for NSW and Australia and I would like to rally constituents to help me achieve this vision.

I place a high emphasis and encouragement towards education for all ages and believe in exceptional motivation, education and providing incentives for job seekers to re-engage or to move forward with a career path.

I am committed to urban renewal of our aging, dilapidated suburbs into high quality living standards where we are proud to live and work and I support the development of transport and infrastructure to link the growing or renewing North and South suburbs of Chifley and neighboring region.

To revolutionize industry, employment and tourism, I'd like to see an introduction of a major tourism facility.

First-rate health care facilities are of key importance to the wellbeing of our resident families and I would like to see more proactive use of resources. A dramatic overhaul of the health industry to squeeze health service gains via innovation and technology without needing one extra cent of revenue to deliver.

Recognition and respect for our indigenous people with a focus on understanding and fellowship on how we can come together to learn from and preserve their traditions.

Senior Citizen programs are often a token effort into appeasing a growing vital population full of knowledge and skills. I would like to see greater facilities and services developed for our senior citizens that will make a real difference to the quality of their lives as vibrant and contributing citizens of our neighbourhood.

I would like to see robust immigration policies that uphold our national interests. As a nation, apart from the indigenous population, most of us are from immigrant stock. Tolerance and respect should be a priority whilst adhering to our beliefs in our immigration process as the envy of the world.

Ammar Khan
P: 0414 256 734
W: www.ammarkhan.com.au


“I am keen to show voters that there is another way forward than the current nation-wide negativity which has surrounded voters so far" - Ammar Khan



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