Thursday, March 16th, 2017

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Over the weekend Mecca Ultimo had a facelift and a name change. The ownership and team have not changed, however the reason for being has changed since its opening back in 2011. The name change to Soma is an attempt to reflect that.


When Mecca Ultimo opened it was the third Mecca store and the flagship, owners Paul Geshos and Sam Sgambellone wanted to bring a unique coffee experience to Sydney, and to have a space for coffee education and experimentation. This effort was recognised with the Best Cafe Award in the first SMH Good Cafe Guide; and over the years the store has pioneered many of the trends seen in specialty coffee today, as well as hosting many well attended coffee education events.

“Progressing coffee is still a big part of the reason we get up so early in the morning, but no longer the whole reason“ owner Sam Sgambellone reflects. “Our interest in food has grown significantly: more and more we enjoy sharing the results of our food experiments, especially those that are nutritious, delicious and ethical”


In recent years there has been a trend of cafes moving away from serving food to “Coffee Only” service. When asked if this increased emphasis on food could be a sign of things to come, Sam answered “When we opened the dream was a cafe that didn’t have to worry about food service: when a barista opens a cafe food service is unfamiliar and a burden. Now we enjoy having the opportunity to be a food influencer in areas that interest us such as fermentation or offering delicious vegan and gluten free options that aren’t afterthoughts.”


As well as an increasing interest in food, Soma is about to begin a program that will look at reducing their waste with experiments into sustainable ways of diverting coffee grounds, food waste and packaging from landfill.


These are just a few ways the scope has changed, on this Sam comments “We are prone to get excited about things, particularly things that bring joy or benefit to the community. With the name change comes the freedom to explore the things that excite us without needing to think about how it fits in with the broader Mecca picture.”


“This place has taken on a life of its own and taking a new name allows us to step into that identity and see how far we can take it.”


Mecca Ultimo commenced trading as Soma from Monday 13th of March.  For more information or to arrange an interview please contact Sam Sgambellone on 0410 583 581 or email [email protected]. The Soma website is


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Located at 646 Harris St, Ultimo, serving Mecca Coffee and a range of delicious and nutritious food items.

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