Sunday, August 25th, 2013

The Tea Beer Company is set to release four beers derived from The Devotea's loose leaf teas.

Today stock started rolling off the production line of four new beers; all flavoured with The Devotea Tea Blends.

"We have been talking about this for a while" explains Anne Drury-Godden of The Devotea. "And it seemed to us the time had come to make this happen."

"So we started with some experimenting on our own, and then wound up founding The Tea Beer Company to bring together all the skills needed. It's great to be able to work with a diversity of expertise."

"At the end of the day, you need good beer. Not cold alcoholic tea, but beers which have a classic taste. The tea then highlights or suppresses certain flavour characteristics."

"As to the beers themselves, they are quite diverse."

-Lady Devotea's Sparkling Parlour Ale is a really refreshing take on a fruity ale, with the characteristic orange, lavender and bergamot of The Devotea's "Lady Devotea" blend layered on top.

-Lord Petersham's Traditional Bitter combines a very English taste with a lovely breakfast tea aftertaste, smoothing the end of each sip.

-Jasmine Green Tea Wheat Beer adds honey and The Devotea's "All That Jasmine" tea into a mild-tasting beer to produce a finely balanced beer in a very on-trend at the moment.

-Based on the best selling Aussie Ginger Chai, the Aussie Chai Ginger Beer is a very full-on brewed ginger beer with a subtle aftertaste of cinnamon and other spices.

The Tea Beer Company was put together to provide the manufacturing and other expertise that was not available elsewhere in one complete package.

The other half of The Devotea's management team, Robert Godden, says that the whole process has been rather intense.

"We had many discussions about what sort of beer to create, and what teas go with them.

"We were adamant that tea - not just the flavouring elements we use in some tea blends - should go in each brew."

"We had about eight serious starters on the table and gradually refined them to the four that the TTBC are about to release."

"In each case, we started with one of our tea blends, but then developed a beer brewing version of that blend to maximise the taste we were going for."

"We also had to work within TTBC on the production aspects, as loose leaf tea is not a traditional beer ingredient and we didn't want to end up with equipment blockages or any other issue."

The first run of beer is likely to be entirely purchased by a distributor.

Robert explains: "We hear from our marketing colleagues at TTBC that there are several liquor distributors interested in purchasing the lot. It is after all, a small run artisan beer at this stage, but we imagine not for long."

"One of the most amazing things that has happened is that we were down at the plant for the first day's bottling, and we got approached by bottling plant staff asking if they could buy some."

"These are guys that get all the free beer they want, and spend all day with dozens of beers, and yet they wanted to dip into their own pockets."

"That kind of response is exhilarating."

"We are sure we got it right."

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