Saturday, August 24th, 2013

MEDIA STATEMENT FROM Australians for Democracy & Human Rights in Egypt

This madness must end. The wanton slaughter of innocent people by illegitimate regimes in Egypt and Syria is a ghastly affront to everything that makes us human.

This most bloody of civil wars in Syria has killed tens of thousands, injured hundreds of thousands more, and created millions of refugees. And “The brutal repression by the military and their allies in Egypt against civilians and political opponents is a throwback to the worst days of the Mubarak regime,” says Australians for Democracy & Human Rights in Egypt spokesperson Adel Salman.

“The nascent democratic movement in the Arab world that started with one street vendor’s act of desperate defiance and spread like wildfire throughout the region is dying a horrible death in Egypt,” laments Mr. Salman, and he “calls upon the Australian government and governments all over the civilised world to condemn this repression and violence in the loudest possible terms.”

A coalition of community groups have joined together to express their solidarity with those dying for justice and freedom. A protest rally will be held on Sunday August 25th, commencing at 1.30pm at the State Library of Victoria, and ending at Federation Square.