Friday, August 23rd, 2013

Free sourcing service for journalists and bloggers, SourceBottle, is now offering a detailed backgrounder on sources who complete an 'Expert Profile'.

Not only does this mean journalists and bloggers can avoid the frustration felt when sources hurriedly entered insufficient or incorrect contact details, they now have access to a complete profile on the source, including qualifications, work history, location, contact details and their personal story.

Founder Bec Derrington said she grew frustrated by the number of times sources' responses would bounce back to the service due to a silly typo they'd made in their email address, as she felt anyone who had gone to the trouble of responding to a journalist's call out deserved the best chance of being quoted as a source in the story.

"I soon realised that by giving subscribers an opportunity to create an online profile, not only would that remove this issue, it would also offer up a comprehensive backgrounder to journalists and bloggers using SourceBottle as an expert sourcing tool.

"So I created the 'Expert Profile', which also helps simplify the process for subscribers who have grown tired of entering in their details or history each time they respond to a call out," she said.

"Now they can respond quickly (and briefly) knowing that much of the information they'd had to manually enter each time they responded in the past, would now be automatically attached to their response."

Derrington said that anyone signed up to the service could also use the URL assigned to their Expert Profile in other pitch documents, regardless of its association with SourceBottle.

The Expert Profile is a paid arm of the free service, costing subscribers $7.95 (GST inc) each month. The subscription has no minimum periods and can be cancelled at any time. 

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