Thursday, August 22nd, 2013
The Australian inventor of a revolutionary skateboard braking system has launched a pitch forfunding on the US crowdfunding website, Kickstarter.

Ben Newman, 42, originally from Perth, but now based in Melbourne, won several State and National awards in the early stages of the development of his product, Brakeboard.

The brake, especially designed for longboards, is located in the rear axle and operated by a foot-pedal mounted on the surface of the deck. The brake allows riders to undertake steep hills and control speed without having to slide or put hands or feet on the ground.

Crowdfunding sites, such as Kickstarter, are playing a significant role in funding new technologies and business ideas. Supporters of a project pledge financial support for a range of rewards.

Newman was a prize winner in the inaugural W.A. Inventor of the Year competition in 2006. He also won a segment on the popular New Inventors program on the ABC. Despite such success, getting a product to market has been a long, costly and arduous task.

Nevertheless, with persistence and patience, and financial backing from family and friends, Newman has been selling the brake online since the beginning of 2013. Early adopters from around the world have responded enthusiastically. The brake broadens the market for longboard riding. Popular with daredevils who ride downhill at speed, it is also being taken up by less skilled older and younger riders who find the brake gives them greater confidence.

Now, in response to feedback from riders, Newman wishes to develop some additional features and choices to the product. His Kickstarter goal is to reach US$35000 within 30 days.


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Brakeboard Pty Ltd

Brakeboard Pty Ltd specialises in the design and manufacture of a unique braking mechanism for longboard skateboards

Brakeboard is a brake contained within the rear axle assembly (the “truck”) which can be attached to the rear of any skateboard deck.

The brake is activated by a foot mechanism. The brake allows the rider to descend hills at his or her chosen speed and to slow down to a controlled stop. It means the rider no longer must drag a foot on the ground or leap off the board as is the case without a brake.

Brakeboard adds to the safety of board riding and gives the rider greater control. However, it also adds to the excitement of skateboarding as hills (that previously could not be attempted without a brake) become possible skating terrain.
Ben Newman
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