Wednesday, August 21st, 2013
South Australian Country Alliance Senate candidate, Steve Davies, has called for a stop to taxpayer’s money being used to fund renewable energy.

“With South Australia now having the highest power bills in the country and with only a guarantee of higher bills to come; the continued funding for green power is placing a strain on existing business and proving to be a disincentive for prospective business activity,” he said.

“The statement from former CEO of BHP Billiton Marius Kloppers, in the decision to shelve the expansion of Olympic Dam, cited high input costs.”

“This statement was mirrored more recently by the CEO of GMH in Elizabeth, Mike Deveroux who said we have the highest input costs of any GM plant in the world.’”

“The fact that not one wind tower could be erected without taxpayer support and with taxpayer dollars poured into geothermal, solar and wave power projects in this state tells us that these are not sustainable investments.”   

“There are good examples of renewable energy in this country and I support promoting renewable energy provided the funding is from the investors themselves. Hydro power in Tasmania is a green star renewable energy.

“It is lamentable that billions of taxpayer dollars are being spent on dubious renewable energy schemes to counter man made global warming. A problem that simply doesn’t exist,” Mr Davies said.

“The foregone benefit to the defence, medical and infrastructure securities is a modern marvel.”

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The polices that the Country Alliance has provide a balanced range of positions designed to harness and grow regional communities, which creates jobs, which is of special importance to young people also voting for the first time.

In particular, the Country Alliance party is committed to the representation and preservation of the rights and interests of those who live in, work in, or enjoy, rural and regional communities. We believe in equality of access to education, transportation, communication and health care for regional and rural communities. We support freedom of access to the public lands for the responsible pursuit of legitimate employment and recreational activities.

We believe that the land management policies must be guided by and funded to meet the needs of the communities that live adjacent to public land or who access it for their recreation or livelihood.
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Renewable investments are "killing investment"



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