Tuesday, August 20th, 2013
Pregnancy discrimination is set to soar under paid parental leave schemes offered by both Labor and Liberal parties, says Family First National Federal Chairman and SA Senate candidate Bob Day.
"Under Labor, mothers who are in the paid workforce receive the minimum wage for six months - approximately $16,000. Under the Liberals, new mothers would receive the equivalent of their current salary up to $75,000," Day says.
"Why is there surprise then that employers are deciding to let pregnant women go rather than face the enormous cost of these ill-conceived paid parental leave schemes from both Labor and Liberal?"
"For women who are not in the paid workforce at the time of their pregnancy, the Liberals plan to scrap the baby bonus, and Labor offers just a means-tested $2,000 for a first child and $1,000 for subsequent births."
"Whatever happened to the principle of ‘equal pay for equal work’?" Day asks. "Whether you're in the paid workforce or not, it should not matter. Once the baby arrives all mothers are doing the same job – staying at home and looking after their new-born babies.
"There is massive discrimination going on here which is creating higher taxes for everyone and, as we have seen, huge anxiety on the part of employers. For example, the Liberal’s paid parental scheme has been projected to cost upwards of $4 billion a year."
"To achieve good social and economic policy, we must first emphasize the equity of ensuring all new mothers are treated the same."
"Once that is established, we can move onto the next important challenge – responsible fiscal policy; that is, how much money new mums need to raise their children."
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