Tuesday, August 20th, 2013

Social media has taken centre stage in the 2013 election with Social Media AOK intently monitoring the political social landscape since the election was called.

Risk management and disaster recovery have been key and Facebook advertising appears to be an integral part of the Liberal Party’s strategy in getting their message out to prospective voters.

Simone Douglas, the Principal Solutions Architect at Social Media AOK, says: “A savvy political candidate, or one with the right technical advisor, can tailor their Facebook advertising including sponsored updates, to put their key policy announcements in front of the critical demographic in a seat considered marginal or at risk. Facebook allows them to target via age, sex, children’s age, interests or even opposing candidate’s pages a person likes. What’s more, with Power Editor they can import a custom audience and from there target their ads to people with similar interests to an existing database, further broadening their reach.”

With the current election campaigns well underway, social media is increasingly becoming the go to place when seeking political news.

Now a valid communication tool for politicians, journalists and the general public, social media is progressively becoming integrated with traditional media to increase the effective delivery of political news.

Paid advertising campaigns on Facebook are taking a focus on individual candidates and causing heavy competitiveness between party leaders.

Tony Abbott ‘suggested pages’ are filling up Facebook news feeds and recent allegations claim that Mr. Abbott was caught buying Twitter followers to increase his popularity in order to compete with Kevin Rudd.

“When the election was announced Tony Abbott’s page had just 44 000 followers," says Mrs Douglas. "The significant growth we see in his page is a direct result of key sponsored stories run through Facebook on an ongoing basis. It would seem that the campaign has been successful in building a key following and we will be keeping a close eye on how they are capitalising on that through sponsored stories for the remainder of the election campaign.”

Recent Australian statistics show that in July 2013, Facebook had a total of 13,000,000 Australian users, LinkedIn 3,000,000, Twitter 2,167,849, Instagram 1,469,000 and YouTube had 11,5000,000 viewers.

“With these kinds of figures, it would be a major disadvantage for one to overlook the power of social media,” says Mrs Douglas.

Tony Abbott is currently taking the lead on Facebook with 172, 089 likes compared to Kevin Rudd’s 105, 345 likes. In comparison, on Twitter Mr. Rudd leads Mr. Abbott with a total of 1,377,744 followers compared to Mr. Abbott’s 190,767 followers.

Mr. Rudd currently has the one up on Mr. Abbott with a personal Instagram account, catering for 74 000 followers.


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