Friday, August 16th, 2013
On August 16, Roy Morgan Research will launch a ground-breaking suite of research products that will change the way media, advertising agencies and marketers view and analyse media performance and potential.

Developed and refined in conjunction with clients, these products provide a host of enhancements to our 360 degree media metrics.

Last year in 2012, Roy Morgan Research brought to the market the most comprehensive compendium of online and technology adoption trends in Australia- ‘the Digital Universe’. This new perspective of our Single Source data was welcomed as it put into context the effect of the digital age on media, commerce, banking, and communication and consumer behaviour.

This digital world is changing so much faster than other worlds. People’s behaviour today is so much more diverse, more granular – averages are becoming less and less meaningful – and our clients needed more, more quickly.

Recognising these changes and building on Roy Morgan Single Source, the world’s most extensive Single Source database, the new developments will provide:

1. Speed to market: multi-mode data collection has enabled faster delivery;

2. Granularity of data: detailed, monthly data

3. Real understanding of short, medium and longer-term trending: easy access to historical trends

4. Greater use of all Data assets: Roy Morgan Research embraces the ‘big data’ space with Helix Personas, a new product that enables our clients to enhance their data with the power of Roy Morgan Single Source.

The time is now

Most of our corporate clients receive and use Single Source data monthly. For over 10 years, monthly readership data has been available to publisher clients for their internal analysis.

Now, with real time analysis of digital media, advertisers are demanding feedback on campaign performance more quickly than ever. Meanwhile, the accountability of newspapers and magazines for campaigns is being questioned, and their share of Australia’s multi-billion dollar advertising pool is declining.

This could not be timelier for magazines looking to reassert their vital role in influencing consumer decisions and brand awareness.

Michele Levine, CEO Roy Morgan Research says,

"These important announcements come after several years of research and, more recently, collaboration with a select group of clients. We are excited at the potential for our clients across print, agencies, other media and marketers.

“We expect that media organisations will better articulate important characteristics about their specific medium or media."

“We also expect agencies and marketers to better understand campaign performance and consumer behaviour and be better able to make more informed strategic decisions based on the most recent data."

“These innovations multiply the value of our data for clients”.

For comments or more information please contact:

Michele Levine

CEO, Roy Morgan Research

Office: +61 (3) 9224 5215

Email: [email protected]

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Roy Morgan Research is Australia’s best known and longest established market research and public opinion survey company. Roy Morgan Single Source is thorough, accurate, and provides comprehensive, directly applicable information about current and future customers. It is unique in that it directs all the questions to each individual from a base survey sample of around 55,000 interviews in Australia and 15,000 interviews in New Zealand annually - the largest Single Source databases in the world. The questions asked relate to lifestyle and attitudes, media consumption habits (including TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, cinema, catalogues, pay TV and the Internet), brand and product usage, purchase intentions, retail visitations, service provider preferences, financial information and recreation and leisure activities. This lead product is supported by a nationally networked, consultancy-orientated market research capability.
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