Saturday, February 27th, 2010
Brisbane’s health, arts and alternative therapies communities will rejoice at the news that an Art Therapy Diploma is now being offered in their neighborhood by an internationally affiliated institute.

Art Therapy is a fast growing field in the health profession that up until recent times has been subject to barriers for those wishing to gain vocational level qualifications. Ikon’s Art Therapy Diploma is open to anyone who is committed to their own potential and growth and has a strong interest in working with people in a supportive, creative and inclusive therapeutic manner. Students of Art Therapy come from all walks of life but have in common a desire to make a positive difference in the lives of others through their work and to live differently themselves.

Ikon Institute, established in 1988, is the brainchild of Rafael Locke PhD who has dedicated over 30 years to the fields of psychology, education, training and research both in Australia and in the United States. Ikon has successfully trained Art Therapy and Counselling Graduates in Adelaide, Perth, Melbourne and Sydney and from March 2010 will make a new home in Brisbane.

Dr Locke designed the Ikon Diploma in Art Therapy as a hands-on grounding in the therapeutic practice of healing through creative self realisation that aims to give graduates the skills and knowledge to move forward with satisfying careers as Art Therapists. Ikon teaches a philosophy of care for the whole person and of sensitive regard for the needs and expression of the individual’s psyche.

The course is also designed to accommodate the demands of everyday life for students who are often already employed and are looking for a change of direction and more meaningful work. Offered over two years and scheduled carefully to maximize learning outcomes, the emphasis is at all times on practical skills to take into the larger community and workplace.

Simon Paul, Ikon’s Program Manager says “the course offers the best of both worlds. We’re affiliated with the world's best institutions and organisations involved in consciousness research. These institutions are concerning themselves with the understanding and expansion of human potentials.”

Graduates of the course certainly find their lives expanded and enriched. Carolyn
Dunbar, now running her own thriving art therapy practice says: “Since doing the course I have more awareness and compassion for others, confidence in being present for them, and the knowledge and practice to facilitate their healing. The counselling and art therapy skills I now have are truly assisting my clients on their journey. This course is life changing.”

Deanna Rohrsheim, who now works as a therapist with a national provider of relationship counseling services, adds; “For the first time I could see my internal landscape in front of gave me a new language to express myself....and a new direction in life. When I started the course, I was unsure if I had what it took to be a therapist. Now I know I have what it takes, the training is exceptional.”
Classes are commencing April 9, 2010 in Brisbane. Places are limited. Please contact Ikon on 0439016763 for a free information pack and visit our website at

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Ikon Institute

Ikon Institute is focused on providing quality training programs and aims to create a community of practitioners committed to social change, community building and individual healing.

Our services include:

* Diploma’s in counselling, art therapy and youth
* Personal and professional development workshops.
* Counselling services.
* Professional ‘soft skills’ development for business groups (philosophy, reading, poetry, meditation).
* Groups (philosophy, reading, poetry, meditation)
* Professional supervision
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