Friday, August 16th, 2013 isn't a house plan site, but Australian blogger Sam Crothers says it's a refreshing and highly effective place to start a house plan search. The site, launched recently, is an independent navigational tool for house plan buyers and offers a comprehensive directory of places to purchase residential house plans online.

"The vast majority of house plan sites on Houseplanology are from the United States", says Sam. "The US is undoubtedly the international headquarters for pre-designed stock plans and I love presenting America's best residential designers and architects to the world. But finding the right house plan site, and the right home design, can be overwhelming for buyers. We help them navigate the options and provide additional information about design and building while they're here."

Sam set up after her own attempt to buy a house plan online proved unsuccessful. "There are thousands of plans out there but it's hard to see the wood for the trees. Some nights I sat in front of the computer feeling like I was at a poker machine, hitting the button for the next page and hoping the right plan would come up. You commit a lot of financial and emotional energy to building a house so you want to make sure you've made the right choice. Having a knowledgeable, independent guide can make all the difference."

Sam says also advocates "affordable quality" for international home buyers. "A lot of the older residential stock we have is aesthetically pleasing, well-proportioned, functional, and built to last, and I think it's important to strive for more of that going forward."

In addition to a directory and site reviews, Houseplanology provides a wide range of building and design related information, and readers don't need to be in the market for a house plan to find value in this section of the site. "Our library of resources is growing all the time", says Sam. "We have a range of topics including lesser known aspects of building and design. One of my specialities is Building Biology so healthy building is becoming a big part of the blog, plus we have articles coming up about traditional environmental studies like Feng Shui and Geomancy. On top of that we feature interviews with architects and people from the residential building industry, plus we cover products and services, interiors and exteriors, book reviews, building fundamentals and top 10 lists. The site has had humble beginnings but we're building on solid foundations and there's much more growth to come."

See Houseplanology at http://www.houseplanology.comĀ 

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Houseplanology is an independent navigational tool for house plan buyers. It includes a comprehensive directory of places to purchase residential house plans online, plus a growing library of design and building resources.

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