Wednesday, August 14th, 2013
With the increase of Australians looking for part-time employment, jobs site OneShift is experiencing a boom in the amount of users on its platform.

Only one year old, the online job network has grown from zero to 200,000 jobs seekers and 10,000 business entities.

Founder of OneShift Genevieve George said that more Australians are looking for a better work-life balance and businesses are responding to this demand for part time and casual jobs.

"Of course there's still a place for full-time work but the figures show that job seekers and employees want more flexibility in terms of staffing structures in the workforce," Ms George said.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics most recent labor force report reveals that in June part-time employment rose by 14,800 persons to 3,524,100 persons while full-time employment fell by 4,400 persons to 8,144,500 persons.

All types of businesses and industries have begun embracing the idea that not all Australians are suited to a 9 am to 5 pm work day.

"Traditionally the hospitality and retail sectors were the largest part-time employers however we are definitely noticing a change. We have all types of businesses using the site to find staff, from dental practices, law firms and educational organisations,"
Ms George said.

Ms George insists that causal and part-time work isn't just for university students or for parents with newborns and young children.

"There's a whole cross section of our society that need part-time work – parents wanting to go back to university, people who need to look after their aged parents and those who have retired who just want something to keep their mind busy and active," Ms George said.


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