Tuesday, August 13th, 2013

New online product Threat Analytics allows businesses to respond to threats earlier to prevent financial and reputational damage.

Threat Intelligence, one of Australia's most innovative security consultancies, has launched their latest innovation that alerts their clients to attacks before the attack has even begun. Threat Analytics is a ground breaking security offering that enables Threat Intelligence clients to identify pending threats against their organisation's websites and immediately act to prevent the security breach from becoming a reality.

The Threat Analytics online service automatically tracks and classifies hackers around the world, sends real-time mobile and email alerts to Threat Analytics members about malicious activity on their websites, and provides real-time reporting and analytics functions via the online Threat Portal. This includes viewing hacker profiles and the types of attacks that they like to perform.

According to Ty Miller, Founder and CEO of Threat Intelligence: "We are experiencing a shift in the global threat environment. To prevent falling behind and falling victim to a security breach, organisations need to mature their thinking beyond traditional security controls and into the era of Threat Management."

"We live in a time where even secure systems are still being breached because software vendors can't keep up. As new technologies develop, vulnerabilities will continue to grow exponentially. Organisations don't have a choice but to focus limited security resources on threats to their organisation, rather than dormant vulnerabilities," he said.

Returning from running training at the prestigious Black Hat security conference, Ty Miller supports his statement by saying "Java had 130 exploitable vulnerabilities in the first half of 2013, and between 5 and 33 zero day vulnerabilities being fixed every quarter. This means that organisations running Java can be exploited even if they are running the latest version of Java. By focusing on known vulnerabilities, organisations are missing the real threats."

"The earlier that you detect an attack or a security breach, the lesser the financial and reputational impact the attack has on the victim organisation. A security breach that goes undetected for as little as one or two hours can easily cost an organisation $20,000. If the breach goes undetected for a week or more, the impact to an organisation can quickly escalate to hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars," he said.

Threat Analytics was designed to alert organisations to attacks before the attack has been launched. This allows our clients to regain control of their security to prevent a security breach, rather than waiting until their corporate data has been leaked onto the Internet.

Threat Intelligence found that most organisations don't monitor their security logs since they are flooded with arbitrary Internet noise. Threat Analytics cuts through this noise so that you are alerted when a malicious individual is sitting on their web browser typing malicious data into your website. The intelligence data provided by Threat Analytics allows security personnel to search their security logs for specific activity to gain a full insight into the security incident.

Threat Analytics memberships range from free accounts for individuals and small businesses through to enterprise level packages. Register at www.threat-analytics.com.

For more information on the Threat Analytics offering contact Threat Intelligence on 1300 809 437 or [email protected]

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Threat Intelligence

www.threatintelligence.com - Threat Intelligence is one of Australia's most innovative security consultancies, and is the only company in Australia who gets invited to run specialist security training at the prestigious Black Hat security conference. By integrating the Threat Analytics intelligence data with their specialist security services, Threat Intelligence has solidified their place as the thought leader in Australia's information security industry. Threat Intelligence helps you take control of your organisation's risk by maturing your organisation into the threat management era. Contact Threat Intelligence now.

Connect with Ty Miller, the Founder and CEO of Threat Intelligence, on Twitter @tyronmiller and on LinkedIn http://www.linkedin.com/pub/ty-miller/16/a45/963 

Ty Miller
P: 1300 809 437
M: 0409 713 735
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