Monday, August 12th, 2013

Family First is proud to announce a phone and tablet app just in time for the federal election, available for free now on the app store

And on Google Play

"Family First is the party for Australians of all ages," says Bob Day. "Our new app features games and interactive tools to find out about the voting process, and our party, in a fun and informative way."

"The best feature of the app is the voting game, making voting fun," says Day.

"The game is located on the front page with an Australian map jigsaw puzzle and 21 different Family First policies to vote from. It allows users to vote for one Family First policy at a time.

"Every time you vote, you will receive one point and if you invite your friends to download the app, you earn 2 points. When you reach a certain number of points, you will be entitled to different upgrades/rewards."

Family First is confident many Australian voters will download the app to find out more about the key messages of the party.

"Right now Australia is going through a tough time," Day says. "Families are under pressure, values are deteriorating and Australia is getting weaker not stronger.  To get us back on track, we need some new voices in Canberra."

"Since it was elected to the SA Parliament 11 years ago Family First has been promoting policies and introducing legislation which puts families first, values older people, promotes home ownership, protects children, offers choice in schooling, advances youth employment (eg trade apprenticeships) and supports small (family) businesses.

"Family First's starting point is that families come first.  As the fundamental building block of society, we diminish their capacity to function effectively at our peril.  The wellbeing of families is a powerful barometer for the wellbeing of the nation.

"Family First also believes in the importance of values.  Values like telling the truth, living within your means, hard work, respect, courtesy, compassion, courage, generosity.

"But when we see wastefulness, backstabbing, over pricing by government agencies (water prices, power prices, land prices) and politicians spending millions of dollars on themselves while health services are being cut and pensioners can't afford to heat or cool their homes, we know there is a lack of values and a failure of leadership.

"While Liberal, Labor and the Greens are fighting each other (instead of the nation's problems), Family First is focussing on the needs of families, farmers, business owners, retirees, people on pensions and young people who are trying to get a start in life.

"Australia deserves better.

Our mailing address is:
Family First Australia
Fullarton Road
Kent Town
Adelaide, SA 5067

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Bob Day AO Federal Chairman Family First Party Australia

P: 08 7070 0044


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