Friday, March 10th, 2017

TradeEzi is always growing and thet have just found the next big step in their marketplace: Influencing strong communication through business review opportunities!

Had a job completed through TradeEzi? Used one of their trusted tradies in the past? Perhaps you have something you wish to pass onto one of their dedicated service providers. Well now they have an option to help facilitate this communication. The new TradeEzi review system allows users to post positive and constructive feedback for any one of their 50,000+ Service providers.


Their marketplace is teeming with dedicated businesses just looking to make a name for themselves and what better way than to offer a 100% free feedback board fuelled by the community. Their review guidelines/policies make it easy to discuss criticism and promote praise for any members willing to engage the TradeEzi service.

As they grow and identify throughout the Australian market, TradeEzi continues to make valuable point of differences that help to establish the site as a big name player. Their goal is to make the TradeEzi platform a fruitful and teeming business hub for users to find their adequate services and discuss future opportunities.
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Who knows what the future may hold. we see opportunities for discussion boards, Image databases,  promotion options, and much much more.

Stick with us as we continue to see more from the TradeEzi marketplace.


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