Tuesday, August 13th, 2013

"Australia Wide" by Tommy Roberts was released earlier this year as a CD and online. This extended EP is yet to receive attention here in Australia however some overseas listeners and industry professionals are beginning to take notice. The EP has even been translated into Mandarin, approved by the Chinese Approval Department and is soon to be officially released throughout Greater China!

The fourth song on the EP is titled, Beijing (Update: Beijing is now removed from the EP and released as a Single on CD Baby). It was approved for release by the Chinese Government as a Single over twelve months ago. If they're happy to lend the name of their capital to a song on the EP then perhaps Australians may deign the EP worthy of its title or even a listen? Yes, Australians, particularly those travelling abroad, may be interested to know about this Extended EP by independent singer/songwriter, Tommy Roberts.

Leading US music expert and consultant Dr Gene of Foley Entertainment Inc. has described Tommy’s songs from the EP as being, “…of the highest level…” while another review has compared Tommy’s vocals and songwriting skills to the likes of Johnny Cash and Leonard Cohen.

'Australia Wide' represents a sample from Tommy Roberts’ extensive repertoire of original songs and is well worth a listen. The title song Thursday Night (Australia Wide) is a salute to Australia’s tradition of late night shopping where trading hours are extended on Thursday nights in cities and larger towns across Australia. Tommy recalls that when he was a young boy his family would sometimes go out on a Thursday night.

Roberts remembers,

"I'd wind the car's rear window down a little to catch the balmy night air on my face. It smacked of mystery. I liked the ephemerality of the open road and the softly illuminated colours of the car's dark interior. There was a romance, a simple magic to it. I wrote my song, Thursday Night (Australia Wide) hoping to convey a sense of that magic."

Thursday Night (Australia Wide) and songs such as Get West, Lonely Nights, Blind Fury and I Imagine You With Me have an adventurous, refreshingly simple and unique Australian Country Pop music quality or feel. Tommy’s song Beijing (Update: Beijing is now removed from the EP and released as a Single on CD Baby) with its deft, somewhat esoteric lyrics and rich acoustic guitar (Roberts' chords being plucked by Jeff Severson) is more the stuff of high caliber Singer/Songwriter genre. Then there’s the lyrically adroit, Cool To My Drama. It’s a striking song that might potentially inhabit genres ranging from Alternative to Jazz through to Cabaret. The final song on this short album is, A Good Love. It's a smooth song with an easy going appeal. Have a listen.

'Australia Wide' by Tommy Roberts is worth purchasing from his artist website (http://www.tommyroberts.org). It’s an eclectic albeit tidy sample of his work that’s good for radio play or personal consumption. Art enthusiasts may be equally interested to view his multimedia work or listen to some of his song demos and determine for themselves whether they consider Tommy Roberts to be an authentic and valuable artist in his own right.


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Tommy Roberts

Tommy Roberts is an independent Australian singer/songwriter and multimedia artist. He has been writing songs for more than twenty years. His 2013 release, 'Australia Wide' is produced by Jeff Severson and features eight songs (Update: seven songs) from an extensive repertoire of original work. You can find out more about his work and download a FREE Song from the EP (Get West) from his artist website located at: http://www.tommyroberts.org

Media can contact the artist at his website or direct enquiries c/- Sun City Media.

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