Friday, February 26th, 2010
The term ‘Mumpreneur’ has been dallied around a lot in the past couple of years and there has certainly been a sharp rise in the number of home based businesses owned and operated by mums. These businesses have been born out of a necessity. In fact recently Channel 7’s morning program ‘Sunrise’ featured a segment about this very subject.

However, it seems that traditionally the Mumpreneur businesses have been based on children and their needs, such as children’s toys and clothing. There is nothing that shows the gap in the market quicker than hunting in vain for something for your baby. But the new generation of, ‘Mums working from Home’, are starting to change that trend. The new brand of ‘Kitchen Table Tycoons’ are building business empires in a more business to business arena. Two of the top trends that have started to emerge are virtual PA’s and Wedding Planners.

As shows such as ‘Bridezillas’ have raised the profile of Wedding Planners in Australia, this has led to a rapid growth in the industry in the last couple of years. The Australian Academy of Wedding and Event Planning has seen a 250% increase in it’s enrolments so far in 2010, compared to the same time period in 2009 and over 72% of these have been Mum’s looking for an alternative to returning to work outside the home. Kylie Carlson, the Principal of the Academy, says; “The key drivers for these women are: flexible hours, an office at home, a creative outlet and, oh yes, an excuse to buy the latest glossy bridal magazine. Wedding Planning as a business offers all this and more.”

On becoming a Wedding Planner and combining it with motherhood, Kylie had this to say; “I receive daily inquiries about how wedding planning can fit in with the lifestyle of a mum and I’m very frank and honest about the roles we play. While television and the media may have glamorized our industry, the real truth is - this is hard work!! However, it works perfectly for those looking to mould their hours around their family.”

Mumpreneur, Melissa Khalinsky, owner of the ‘Business Mums Network’ and winner of the 2009 Home Based Business Awards - Business Services Category, believes that working from home is a huge draw-card for Mums who are seeking the work/life balance between family and career. Melissa, who speaks with business Mums everyday also finds that; “Women are perfectly suited to running a home based business because they are creative and know how to make their time and money stretch”.

Melissa agrees that where once Mums working from home were a type of ‘accidental entrepreneur’, working on businesses that grew out of hobbies, or their desire to offer something to the Mums/Bubs and Children’s market, there is now a rise in the ‘Mumpreneur’ who is making a very conscious decision that what she wants is a home based business. This type of Mum is then looking to her skills, experience and passions and to market trends, to determine what type of business they will run.

Melissa said: “The Federal Government’s requirement that Mums work a minimum of 15 hours per week (to receive benefits) once their youngest child turns 7, also drives many women who do not want to return to the days of being an employee, instead of being there for the children.”

But Melissa also cautions: “The best time to start planning for what your working life will look like when you have children, is ideally before you have them. You don’t need to know what you are going to do, just that you want a business you can operate from home, around your home life. I advise people to start reading and researching lots of different ideas and also small business management, and undertake any training ahead of time. You can then move onto business plans etc., once you know what direction you want to head in when the time comes.”

When asked about the ‘Mumpreneur’ trend, Linda Anderson, Principal Coach at a2acoaching, had this to say: “More and more mums are turning to self employment as their “post-baby” professional direction. It offers them flexibility they cannot find working for a company, they are able to pursue a business that they feel passionate about and they create professional stimulation and reward without having to leave home. Traditionally ‘Mumpreneurs’ were considered to be mums who started baby/child/mum product related businesses from home after having children but more and more I am seeing mums create businesses that either leverage their “pre-baby” profession or skills or embark on a brand new direction to follow a passion.”

Melissa says: “A few reasons mums can find themselves being great business owners are: they are great at multi-tasking and maximising time available; they are willing to ask for support; they are usually pursuing something they are really passionate about and they are willing to explore creative solutions to business”.

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