Thursday, August 8th, 2013
The Dimmi Australian Dining Index 2013, presented by Citibank, shows that the restaurant industry is slowly fighting back after a tough couple of years, with a national growth of 3.17%(254 million). It was hard fought with the average spend dropping to just $54 per head.

In the largest undertaking of its kind, Australia's leading online booking and marketing website for restaurants,, has gathered data from the 12/13 financial year, across over 2500 restaurants, 5 million bookings and 250, 000 reviews to create a clearer picture of how Australians are dining out.

Across the states, the data shows a varied picture, with the ACT growing by 10.8%, NSW by 6.3%, SA 4.7%, while Victoria went backwards with a decline of -0.4%.  The average spend nationally is $54 per person, but the story at a state level gives a deeper insight into the way Australians are dining. ACT diners remain the biggest spenders at $71, followed by South Australians at $61 and Victorians the lowest at $53. Western Australia has seen a massive growth in spend at 12.2%, while Victorian spend growth also dropped by -2.3%.

The statistics show a pretty grim year for Victorian restaurants which is reflected in the closure of a number of high profile restaurants and many shifting towards more accessible offerings. With spend and bookings down the traditional food capital of Australia seems to be losing its shine.

Mobile usage is experiencing significant growth, with mobile bookings now representing
33% of all online bookings, up from just 8% two years prior. Mobile bookings are changing the dining scene, with 30% of bookings made for the same day dining compared to 23% for PC bookings. Victorians and South Australians are the most mobile savvy while bookings from mobile are the lowest in Western Australia.

Booking lead times continue to show a further change in the way Australians dine with
43% of all bookings now being made within six hours of dining. While bookings more than two weeks prior have decreased by 32%.

Customer satisfaction has increased from a Dimmi Score rating of 8.1 to 8.4, representing a 4% increase in just 3 years. Dimmi has shared feedback from over 250,000 dining experiences with their restaurant partners and it's clearly helping to
contribute to a better industry and an improved dining experience with 80% of
all reviews being favourable.

The year saw terrific growth for with the expansion of the Dimmi Booking Network to now include a number of world leading blue-chip brands including the likes of Google, TripAdvisor, Urbanspoon and MasterChef. The Dimmi Booking Network attracted 22 million visits from diners searching for restaurants which generated $116 million of incremental revenue for its partner restaurants. Dimmi seated its five millionth diner - and now seats 1 million diners every 12 weeks.

"The Dimmi Booking Network is now the single most powerful channel in Australia for
restaurants to market, promote and generate incremental bookings. Just like it would be crazy for Hilton Hotels not to be bookable across, the same now applies for restaurants that are not accepting bookings across the Dimmi Booking Network", said Stevan Premutico, Dimmi CEO.

The most popular booking day are Tuesdays whilst the most popular dining days are
still Fridays and Saturdays. Pre-dinner bookings from 6.30 - 7.00pm experienced a spike, which is key for the restaurant industry to maximise profits. While lunch data shows a continue death of the corporate lunch with a further decline of - 0.04%.

"Lunch remains the Achilles heel of the industry and goes to the heart of a restaurants ability to boost its profitability. Restaurants can't be sustainable if they are empty at lunch. We need to fight together to get Australian's back to lunch," added Stevan.

Similar trends from the previous Dimmi Australian Dining Index include the seasonal
spends spike at Valentines Day, Mothers Day, Christmas and Fathers Day. A similar story is also told in the peak times that bookings are being made on the Dimmi network 43% of bookings during service and 12% when the restaurant is closed, continuing to show online booking provides a unique opportunity for restaurants to capture bookings that would typically have been lost. Australians are still eating out on a Saturday night at 7.00 - 7.30pm - it's the 7:30pm phenomena and it not changing.

The differences really show us how Australians are changing the way they dine and book. We are booking more often, spending less and booking closer to our dining experience. 

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Australia's leading real-time restaurant reservation and review website, Dimmi partners with more than 2,500 restaurants nationwide and over 35 online booking partners to provide instant confirmed bookings and qualified dining reviews.  Founded in 2009, it has seated more than five million Australian diners at restaurants ranging from hatted fine dining establishments to more casual suburban eateries.

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