Wednesday, August 7th, 2013
DRESDEN, GERMANY--(Marketwired - August 7, 2013) - ZMD AG (ZMDI), a Dresden-based semiconductor company that specializes in enabling energy efficient solutions, today announces their "Energy Efficiency Challenge of the Month" and the "Tech NewZ & ViewZ" blog. As a global supplier of analog and mixed-signal solutions for automotive, industrial, medical, information technology and consumer applications, ZMDI provides integrated circuits that enable their customers to create products that ease the demand for energy.

In the spirit of global responsibility and individual participation, ZMDI has established the "Energy Efficiency Challenge of the Month" as of August 1, 2013. The project promotes and publishes individual efforts to reduce energy consumption. The company's website at includes information on how to engage in each challenge to share and act on ideas for reducing one's personal "carbon footprint," i.e., the amount of individual energy consumption resulting in carbon dioxide emissions and non-renewable fuel depletion. The "Energy Efficiency Challenge of the Month" web page is available at this link: Click here. The challenge is open to everyone, and participants are encouraged to post their efforts on ZMDI's Facebook page at

For the month of August, ZMDI's Global Director of Corporate Marketing and Communications, Daniel Aitken is the spokesperson for the challenge in a video about his personal efforts to conserve energy as part of the project. This challenge to reduce CO2 emissions will have a positive and quantifiable effect on creating a greener environment.

ZMDI has also initiated a blog on its website entitled "Tech NewZ & ViewZ," which is designed to promote discussions on technology, both present and future, as it relates to the semiconductor industry. It is intended as a forum for sharing technical and industry news, as well as professional opinions. The blog is open to the public, and ZMDI's employees and partners will be engaging in the technical conversations. Its first posting is by David Simpson, the Business Development Manager for Mobile Sensing Products for ZMDI, and his post is available at this link: Click here.

"ZMDI sees both the 'NewZ & ViewZ' blog and the 'Energy Efficiency Challenge of the Month' program as exciting ways that ZMDI employees and members of the semiconductor industry can share interests and stories relating to the industry with a wider audience and how these technologies can promote energy efficiency in new and collaborative ways even at the individual level," stated Piaras McCorry, Global Marcom Community Manager. "ZMDI has always shown its commitment to energy efficiency through its technology, and these programs give us all a chance to work together to find new ways to create a greener future."

About ZMDI

Zentrum Mikroelektronik Dresden AG (ZMDI) is a global supplier of analog and mixed-signal semiconductors solutions for automotive, industrial, medical, mobile sensing, information technology and consumer applications. These solutions enable our customers to create the most energy-efficient products in sensing, power management and lighting.

For over 50 years, ZMDI has been globally headquartered in Dresden, Germany. With over 320 employees worldwide, ZMDI serves its customers with sales offices and design centers throughout Germany, Italy, Bulgaria, France, United Kingdom, Ireland, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and the United States.

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