Wednesday, August 7th, 2013
Sydney’s leading laser hair removal experts, Nad’s Laser Clinics are not in favour with the growing trend of backyard laser hair removal operations.

As recently investigated by Choice, a lack of training and use of incorrect laser technology has resulted in Australians suffering painful and often irreversible injuries.

Founder of Nad’s Laser Clinic, Sue Ismiel, believes that the increase of pop up laser clinics and their ability to cut prices, is to blame for many Australians fear of the industry.

 “Laser hair removal involves the use of highly powered laser technology and equipment,”  Sue says.

“To think that people are setting up shop in their homes, and at salons without thorough and intensive training is baffling.”

“At Nad’s Laser Clinics, we have a dedicated employee for therapist training to ensure our stringent policies and procedures are followed and treatments are performed at the highest possible standards on an on-going basis.”

Nad’s Laser Clinics are the only laser hair removal specialists in the industry. Nad’s is a trusted brand with over 20 years of experience in hair removal. 

“Laser machines are complex and highly technical, and use of the machine varies based on customer skin type, hair type and medical history.  With an unprofessional setup it is easier to undercut professional operating clinics’ prices, because money isn’t being spent on machine maintenance, service or training and hiring of professional staff. However the results of their treatments impact us all, often turning people away from the entire industry.  Without a high level of on-going training customers and professionals are at risk!”

While Western Australia, Queensland and Tasmania are the only states to regulate the use of laser hair removal treatment, the rules are lax.

As a result of no or limited regulations, Sue urges any customer interested in laser hair removal to do their research beforehand. 

“Customers must ask themselves whether saving money is worth risking the safety of their skin”.

Nad’s Laser Clinics, which operate in six suburbs across Sydney, have clients who travel from all states for their hair removal treatment. 

Alison who travels from Jindabyne says:

“I have had several bad experiences with so-called laser ‘specialists’, and know of many "backyard" operators.  Laser became a treatment that is available everywhere, so it can be confusing to know who to trust with your skin.  I did my research, and because it isn't a treatment I need to do so regularly, I travel to Sydney and visit a laser specialist I trust”.

Sue believes there are top 5 tips customers must look for when visiting a laser clinic:

1.       A reputable company with a trusted brand. You want to be confident that you’re going to receive a high quality service and effective results.

2.       A hygienic practice which meets OH&S standards.

3.       Highly trained and qualified therapists to perform the laser treatments.

4.       Be aware of heavily discounted treatments as quality may be compromised.

5.       Ask about their laser machines…

* Do they use medical grade lasers specifically designed for hair reduction? This is what you should look for, not IPL.

* How often do the laser machines get serviced? At minimum the machines should have a preventative maintenance check scheduled in annually.

* Do they use Cryogen to increase comfort and cool your skin during laser hair removal treatments?

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Sue Ismiel & Daughters

Sue Ismiel & Daughters is an Australian family-owned and run company with a global reputation and is made up of a number of industry leading brands including Nad’s. Nad’s was founded in 1992 by Sue Ismiel, a mother who created an extremely effective natural, no heat, hair removal product for her young daughter from ingredients she found in her own kitchen. The brand went on to become a multi-million dollar success story and in 1998, Nad’s entered the United States market in what was the most successful product launch of its kind. Nad’s is also sold in the US, UK and New Zealand.

Today Sue Ismiel is CEO of Sue Ismiel & Daughters and is recognised as one of Australia’s most successful entrepreneurs and dedicated philanthropists. Her daughters, Nadine, Natalie and Naomi are also actively involved in the day-to-day running of the company, working alongside an experienced and passionate team.
Natalie Ismiel
P: 0425 401 952


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