Tuesday, August 6th, 2013

The Country Alliance party says Tasmania's reliance on mainland cities for its exports is a major impediment to Tasmania's economic potential.

Senate candidate Cheryl Arnol said recent industrial action on Melbourne's waterfront demonstrates the problem, reportedly costing Tasmanian businesses hundreds of thousands of dollars.

"Tasmania should not be reliant on the Melbourne waterfront which does not hold Tasmania's interests at its heart," she said.

"Instead Tasmania needs to have more direct access to international markets such as Asia, and for that it needs vastly improved infrastructure particularly in sea ports."

"I believe $2 billion gained from the carbon tax should be taken away from green projects that do nothing for our families, and be spent to boost the capacity of Tasmania's docks and Hobart airport to take fully laden international passenger and freight services," she said.

"Bell Bay is not able to take fully laden freight vessels.  Triabunna has the deepest all weather port south of Eden in New South Wales and a wharf for bulk cargo like woodchips.  It is also landlocked as a result of the private ownership of the former export woodchip mill.  There needs to be serious consideration given to reopening this port for future shipments of bulk commodities and the provision of much needed employment in the area.

"Opening the bottlenec would create enormous job opportunities in a state that has Australia's highest unemployment rate and so much to offer in fresh produce like vegetables and seafood'

"You have to think big to get big results. The problem with the current and previous Tasmanian governments is that they've always thought in small terms. Our economy is worth around $24 billion per annum and there is no reason why we can't aim to double that over time"

"We just have to take charge of our own economic future."

Ms Arnol said opening up Tasmania's export potential would help grow the export of processed metals, wood, paper, seafood, manufactured goods and tourism industries.

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The polices that that the Country Alliance has provide a balanced range of positions designed to harness and grow regional communities, which creates jobs, which is of special importance to young people also voting for the first time.

In particular, the Country Alliance party is committed to the representation and preservation of the rights and interests of those who live in, work in, or enjoy, rural and regional communities. We believe in equality of access to education, transportation, communication and health care for regional and rural communities. We support freedom of access to the public lands for the responsible pursuit of legitimate employment and recreational activities.

We believe that the land management policies must be guided by and funded to meet the needs of the communities that live adjacent to public land or who access it for their recreation or livelihood. 
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