Monday, August 5th, 2013

The Inner West Chess Challenge for children is now up to 13 events and growing stronger. Each April and September School Holidays, children from across the Inner west, and Greater Sydney, gather at the Sydney Latvian Society Club (Strathfield) to put their intellectual might to the test.

Facilitated by the Sydney Academy of Chess (A family based company founded, and still located, in the Inner West 15 years ago), the Inner West Chess Challenge brings together girls and boys, from ages 5 to 18.

The children come from a wide variety of cultures and backgrounds, representing both the rich diversity of the Inner west and the truly international appeal of chess. They all come together over a level platform of 64 black and white squares. Brain against brain, over a chess board, is what it’s all about.

However, the Inner West Chess Challenge, is more than a tournament, it’s an experience. Sitting amongst more than three hundred each child has the sense of being part of a greater whole. Friendships are forged and renewed, victories and defeats are shared with fellow chess warriors.

As they challenge their opponents, and themselves, the girls and boys build valuable assets into their lives. Brains are trained to think in clear, logical ways. Dealing with the highs and lows of the competition develops emotional maturity. Positive relationships a forged between friends and competitors that can last a life time.

The whole day is catered for with drinks, snacks and lunch available in the venue for reasonable prices. Parents can safely leave their children for the whole day, as the event is fully supervised, and children not allowed to leave without their parents. However, parents are welcome to stay for all or part of the day and interact with their children between rounds.

FIDE Master of Chess, Brett Tindall, (Founder of the Sydney Academy of Chess) and his expert team create an atmosphere of competitive fun for all the girls and boys on the day. Each team member is dedicated to maximizing every girl and boy’s understanding and enjoyment of competitive chess.

Every child plays at least 8 games of chess, regardless of results, and find themselves against more evenly matched opponents as the day progresses. Trophies are presented to children finishing 1st through 5th. Performance trophies also are given to children of every age, from 5 to 12. A special ‘Best Girl’ trophy is also awarded. Every child receives a participation certificate. Bonus ‘Lucky Door’ prizes are also awarded throughout the day.

Starting 2007 with just 111 players, The Inner West Chess Challenge, at the Sydney Latvian Society Club, has almost tripled to an incredible 300 enthusiastic girls and boys. Many return each challenge to, gaining in ability, confidence and skill.

On 24 September, the 13th Inner West Chess Challenge continues the tradition of a great day of chess in the Inner West for children 5 to 18 at the Sydney Latvian Society Club (Strathfield).


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Sydney Academy of Chess

Sydney Academy of Chess is a team of people who have one passion in common: teaching chess to others. We’ve been doing it in New South Wales for 15 years.

The director of the Sydney Academy of Chess is Fide Master Brett Tindall. Brett has been coaching chess for over 21 years and has coached at all major events including Australian Junior Championships and World Junior events.

Brett Tindall
P: (02) 9745 1170


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