Thursday, February 25th, 2010
The City of Bayswater is joining thousands of cities and towns around the world for the 2010 Earth Hour campaign and is encouraging residents to support the initiative.

Coordinated by the World Wildlife Fund, Earth Hour calls on individuals and businesses to turn off their lights for one hour on Saturday, March 27, between 8.30pm and 9.30pm.

Earth Hour began in 2007 as a Sydney event to highlight how people can make a difference to climate change and, with increasing evidence of global warming, it has since become a global movement.

Last year, nearly 1 billion people in more than 4000 cities across 88 countries turned off their lights for Earth Hour.

The City of Bayswater is supporting the 2010 event by turning off as many lights as possible in council-operated buildings – this includes the Civic Centre at 61 Broun Avenue, Bayswater Waves, Maylands Waterland, Bayswater Library, Maylands Library and Gerry Leeuwangh Public Library (Morley branch).

Bayswater Mayor Terry Kenyon said Earth Hour was an opportunity to show how individuals could make a difference on a truly global level.

“An independent survey found that 58 per cent of people in Australian capital cities joined in last year’s event by switching off their lights,” he said.

“Earth Hour demonstrates how much energy can be saved in just one hour by a simple action, which is turning off the lights.

“If all Australian households turned off unused lights and appliances at the power point, Australia’s annual emissions would be cut by at least 5 million tonnes – equivalent to taking 1.5 million cars off the road.”

Mayor Kenyon said other actions residents could take include switching electricity to green power, using energy-efficient light globes and switching off appliances and computers instead of leaving them on stand-by.

“We’re encouraging our community to join us in switching off lights so we can again reach the goal of 1 billion participants around the world,” he said.

“By making the switch to a more sustainable future, we can show that we are concerned about the state of our environment and committed to taking action.”

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City of Bayswater

The City of Bayswater is a local government area in the inner north-eastern suburbs of the West Australian capital city of Perth, about 9km north-east of Perth's CBD, and includes the suburbs of Bayswater, Beford, Embleton, Maylands, Morley and Noranda and parts of Mount Lawley and Dianella. It covers an area of 32.8 square kilometres and has a population of 55,801.

Originally, the Bayswater Road District was created in 1897 and, in 1961, it became a shire before attaining City status in 1983. The City of Bayswater is divided into four wards and represented by 11 councillors with the Mayor elected from among the councillors.

Recent developments in the City of Bayswater include the opening of the Galleria shopping centre in 1994, on the site of the old Boans building that burnt down in 1986. Morley is now the largest commercial district outside of Perth and Fremantle and further growth is expected.
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