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Renowned independent Business Intelligence (BI) analyst, Claudia Imhoff, has praised global BI and Analytics vendor, Yellowfin, in a one-on-one interview developed as part of a Boulder BI Brain Trust (BBBT) briefing.

The BBBT is a BI forum based in Denver, Colorado. The BBBT is a gathering of leading BI analysts, experts and practitioners, who participate in regular half-day briefings with ‘interesting and innovative BI vendors’.

Imhoff – BBBT host and Present & Founder of Intelligent Solutions (the company responsible for coordinating the BBBT and producing its events) – applauded Yellowfin’s commitment to consumerizing its BI platform, by continuing to make it as accessible as possible to a wider business-user-oriented audience. 

In particular, Imhoff highlighted the vendor’s efforts to integrate Collaborative BI features and functionality capable of facilitating better, faster collective organizational decision-making.

The entire interview between Rabie and Imhoff can be listened to here:


Collaborative BI: “Yellowfin has an incredibly bright future”

Imhoff:  “I think that the workforce that’s coming into our companies today, and in the next five years, will be much more collaborative in nature – it’s how they’ve grown up.  They all have Facebook and smartphones and so they’re very collaborative to begin with.  And, I hope that we embrace that kind of change in our workforce; that we do actually promote that type of collaborative capability that’s being brought into our businesses.”

Rabie:  “From a Yellowfin perspective, we’re pretty much betting the house on that.  But I’m going to say it a little differently.  I‘m going to say that if organizations want to attract the workforce of today, they’re going to have to be collaborative. 

“So when we started Yellowfin, somewhere in the middle there, we started talking about the consumerization of IT, and the fact that interfaces had to become simpler and more user-friendly.  So that’s happened.  And some vendors are better than others at that – it’s certainly a big part of what we do. 

“But, I’d say equally that the whole collaborative aspect – the way people work, the way people will engage with data – that’s the bit that needs to be addressed.  And, we may or may not have it right, but the reality is that with every release we continue to refine it and work with our key customers to understand how people are using [BI] and collaborating internally.

“… the challenge I have, again, for the industry is to talk about how [BI] actually involves people.  At what point are people a part of the discussion and the process?  How do they engage and collaborate?  How do they actually work together with the technology? The question is how can we still make room and understand the important role that people play [in the decision-making process].”

Imhoff:  “At least from my perspective, I think that Yellowfin has an incredibly bright future, I think you’re on track.  I think you’ve got a really good handle on what we need – you’ve just got to convince the rest of the world!”


Rabie – Imhoff podcast

The entire interview between Rabie and Imhoff can be listened to here:

The podcast discusses:

  • The progress and industry recognition achieved by Yellowfin in 2013
  • Yellowfin’s marketplace positioning
  • How Yellowfin’s unique business model puts the needs of clients and partners first
  • How Yellowfin believes Big Data hype is hurting BI and analytics
  • The potential dangers and drawbacks of prescriptive analytics
  • How Yellowfin’s focus on Collaborative BI is responding to changing workforce demands


Yellowfin: A leader in Collaborative BI

Yellowfin is at the forefront of Collaborative BI, having introduced major new collaborative decision-making capabilities, in ‘Storyboard’ and ‘Timeline’, in its past two product releases – Yellowfin 6.2 and Yellowfin 6.3.

Yellowfin’s Storyboard is a fully integrated and interactive PowerPoint-like presentation module for BI content.  Timeline is a Facebook-esc ‘wall’-like feed which creates a searchable, personalized, chronological catalogue of each individual users’ specific activities and interactions within Yellowfin.

Find out more about Storyboard here:

Find out more about Timeline here:

“Yellowfin delivers our customers the most immersive and social analytics experience available,” said Rabie in relation to Yellowfin’s ongoing focus on collect decision-making. “We understand that the best decisions are not only fact-based, but are derived with input from multiple people. We know that Collaborative BI has the capacity to promote easier knowledge sharing and therefore better, faster decision-making.”





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