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If you can tell a lot about a person by their favourite TV show, what does New Zealand’s love of Irish sitcom "Mrs Brown’s Boys" say about Kiwis? Roy Morgan Research investigates New Zealand's most-loved TV shows.

If you can tell a lot about a person by their favourite TV show, what does New Zealand’s love of Irish sitcom Mrs Brown’s Boys say about Kiwis? Renowned for its foul-mouthed title character (played by a man in drag, no less), the show is hugely popular with Kiwi viewers — with more than one fifth (21%) of the population saying they ‘really love this program,’ according to recent findings by Roy Morgan Research.

Mrs Brown’s Boys is just one example of a nationwide preference for funny TV programs. Of the top six shows that Kiwis really love (as opposed to tuning in because there’s nothing better on, or because someone else in the household is watching it), four are humorous in nature: Mrs Brown’s Boys, American sitcom Big Bang Theory, the risqué (and often hilarious) Graham Norton Show and irreverent local current affairs program 7 Days.

On for young and old

When preferences are analysed by viewers’ age groups, distinct differences emerge. Among the 14-24 age bracket, Big Bang Theory is the program most loved by male (32.1%) and female (34.4%) viewers, while Mrs Brown’s Boys doesn’t rate a mention.

However, the Irish sitcom tops the list for female viewers aged between 35 and 49 (26.2% of them really love it) and is second among male viewers of the same age group (21.2%). It’s also the most-loved show among male and female viewers aged between 50 and 64 (24.5% and 30.6% respectively).

Though it doesn’t crack the national Top 10, auto show Top Gear is loved almost universally by male Kiwis, featuring in the Top 10 for every age bracket except 65+. Female viewers’ tastes are not so consistent: while women under 35 really love soap operas like Shortland Street and Revenge, those between 35 and 49 prefer crime dramas such as CSI and NCIS, and those 50+ tend to enjoy reality TV and Downton Abbey.

Source:Roy Morgan Single Source (New Zealand), June 2012 – May 2013 (n = 12,092).

Pip Elliott, General Manager, Roy Morgan Research NZ, says:

“New Zealanders like their TV shows funny, with hundreds of thousands of viewers not only watching comedies Mrs Brown’s Boys and Big Bang Theory but really loving them too. The popularity of local program 7 Days proves that home-grown humour is also appreciated.

“As viewers age, the shows they love change, with reality and factual TV shows more popular among older generations: Country Calendar and Antiques Roadshow, for example.

“Looking at TV programs not just by ratings but by how ‘loved’ they are gives a sense of the connection viewers feel for their favourite TV shows – providing marketers with a deeper understanding of their audience and allowing them to tailor their advertising messages accordingly.”

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