Wednesday, July 31st, 2013

The Greens party has been caught out running a candidate that opposes its own policies.

Cabbage Tree Creek resident Scott Campbell-Smith has been selected by the party to run in the federal seat of Gippsland.

 However the Country Alliance party, which will be contesting the same seat, said it understands Mr Campbell-Smith hunts deer, contrary to his own party’s policy to ban all forms of recreational hunting.

 Party spokesman, Andrew Jones, said it was hypocritical for the Greens to call for a ban on all forms of recreational hunting while choosing a deer hunter as a candidate.

 “What they are in effect saying is that recreational hunting should be banned for everyone except for card carrying members of its party”, he said.

 “I’m also a deer hunter and would like to think other candidates for Gippsland will also be – Labor and Liberal included. However the position taken by the Greens in this situation is hypocritical and they should dump their anti-hunting policy now.

He said all deer hunters hunt for food, like Mr Campbell-Smith.

“I’d be happy to debate Mr Barber either in front of his own members or in a more public forum. He just has to accept the offer and I’ll be there”

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