Tuesday, July 30th, 2013

Feast of Film 2013
The sixth annual Feast of Film is part of Australia’s first National
Fair Food Week is a time to tell the new stories of fairness across the food system from paddock to plate, and call for a more human centred food system.  The Australia wide event is facilitated by the Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance to support the People’s Food Plan
There are a number of events in Adelaide, of which Friends of the Earth Adelaide’s FEAST OF FILM is just one.
In the first of two instalments, Feast of Film 2013 focuses upon the essential base of our food supply – seeds.  Life giving, tiny seeds are the foundation of a safe and diverse food system, something that is increasingly under threat from commodification through global agribusiness, monocultures and genetic modification.
24 August: 4pm, Box Factory Community Centre
Ciclovida (76mins) Brazil
Follow a group of subsistence farmers as they traverse the South American continent by bicycle on a mission to rescue natural seeds.  The travellers document how agro-fuels are taking over the countryside and displacing millions of small farmers and indigenous communities. Subsistence crops and forests are being replaced by green deserts of genetically modified monocultures where nothing else, plant or animal, can survive the toxic spray.  Their two wheeled journey is both inspiring and difficult, as the Brazilian protagonists tell triumphant stories of human scale agriculture across the continent and expose the damaging effects of industrial agriculture.

Seeds of Freedom

Opening short ‘Seeds of Freedom’ tells the story of how the earth’s diverse seed heritage has become an important global commodity increasingly controlled by a small group of large companies, putting at risk our diverse seed heritage.  The film gives voice to the smaller scale farmers who still feed over 70% of the world, who’s agro-ecological practices maintain a safe and rich food supply for their communities in the face of pressures from global players.
Box Factory Community Centre,
59 Regent Street South, Adelaide
4pm – 7pm
Tickets $10-$15, at the door

Soup, bread and cakes available at interval, by donation

The second session of Feast of Film is on the 19 October screening ‘ Eating Alabama’ + shorts

Media enquiries please contact Narelle Walker 0432 982 213 OR [email protected]

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Friends of the Earth presents the sixth annual Feast of Film, as part of Australia’s first National FAIR FOOD WEEK



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