Wednesday, February 24th, 2010
BillsTrust™ introduces 'Snap & Email' as a method to send bills or invoices for fast bill payment by businesses and busy people with lots of bills, so they don’t have to remember to pay them by the due date or do any data entry.

BillsTrust™ ( has added 'Snap & Email' as a new, convenient way for clients to send their bills and invoices for painless bill payment to the BillsTrust web service. Any high resolution phone camera can be used to capture a clear image of any bill, such as an iPhone 3GS.

'Snap & Email' can be used to quickly pay any bill or invoice by the due date, whether handwritten or printed, such as the window cleaning bills, utility bills or even parking fines. Clients receive QR coded stickers which they stick on their bill before they take a picture of it and email it to the service, or instead they can ‘Fax’ or ‘Scan & Email’ them. This frees up their time for more important things like working on business development or spending more time with the family, while avoiding late payment fees.

BillsTrust has been developed by an experienced team who were formerly at MYOB, including MYOB co-founder Craig Winkler. The BillsTrust team understand the time pressure and cash flow challenges faced by Australian businesses and busy households.

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