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Yokohama, Japan, July 23, 2013 - (ACN Newswire) - On July 23, Pride One Entertainment Co., Ltd. released its proposal for the theatrical film, 'A Cappricio of Forest and Earth'.

'A Cappricio of Forest and Earth' takes as its motif the life of Akira Miyawaki, a world-renowned plant ecologist, now aged 85. It tells the story of how Professor Miyawaki has expressed his love and devotion for the Earth's forests, by planting over 40 million trees.

Yasushi Akutagawa is well-known as the producer of films directed by Nobuhiko Ohbayashi. Recently, Akutagawa was the originator and associate producer of 'Emperor', a Hollywood film which opens in Japan on July 27.

- Theatrical Film Project

Akira Miyawaki, the Evangelist of Forests
'A Capriccio of Forest and Earth' (Film)

The passionate life-story of an ecologist who has planted over 40 million trees
Plant ecologist Akira Miyawaki's inspiring 85-year journey of love and devotion for the earth's forests

- Call for Sponsors for A Capriccio of Forest and Earth (Film)

Dear Distinguished Colleagues:

Our upcoming film 'A Capriccio of Forest and Earth' takes as its motif the academic work and real-life projects of plant ecologist Akira Miyawaki, the film's 85-year-old protagonist. The film will honor Professor Miyawaki's lifework and be an invaluable legacy for people worldwide and future generations.

Now 85, Professor Miyawaki has devoted over half a century to a true drama of life, continuing to illuminate the crucial path toward humankind's coexistence with nature through the wondrous life-force and regenerative power of forests.

As the earth cries out for help, we see a crucial need for efforts to restore native forests drawing on Professor Miyawaki's eminent academic and practical work. Yet regrettably, the general populace remains largely unaware of Professor Miyawaki's exploits.

A capriccio is a lively, free-form piece of music. The title 'A Capriccio of Forest and Earth' thus alludes to the great power of life in the natural world. The screenplay is an original work by film-industry virtuoso Fumio Ishimori (83 years old). We have also assembled a distinguished cast and crew befitting a theatrical film.

It is incumbent upon us to produce a film that moves Professor Miyawaki himself most of all. We must also ensure the film evokes the joy of knowing Professor Miyawaki among his friends, family and all who have planted trees alongside him while also communicating Professor Miyawaki's noble work to people worldwide.

In Professor Miyawaki's own words:

"What is the most import thing in the life of an individual, the most import thing for society, nation, humankind, and organisms? The answer is 'life.' My own life, your life, and the life of your beloved family and friends, the life of Japan's people, of the world's people. No matter what happens, no matter what is lacking, being alive means you can make a go of it.

"I am still only 85. Together with you all, I will continue planting trees tomorrow, and the day after that, aiming to plant 100 million trees in an effort to restore natural forests. I pledge to continue planting trees for as long as I live, in the disaster-hit Tohoku region of course, as well as across Japan, across Asia, and across the world.

"I hope to reunite with you all 30 years from now at our local foresting association reunion. May Tohoku's disaster-hit areas be revitalized. May the lives of Japan's people remain safe. May the irreplaceable culture of Japan's people and their own genetic legacy endure into the future. May that process and its fruits take hold worldwide."

As a film, 'A Capriccio of Forest and Earth' will embody Professor Miyawaki's 85-year journey and work and evoke additional messages for the future.

We humbly request your support and sponsorship for the film's production.


Yasushi Akutagawa
Executive Producer
Pride One Entertainment Co., Ltd.
July 13, 2013

- Production budget for film 'A Capriccio of Forest and Earth'

Production costs: 300 million yen, Promotion & Advertising: 300 million yen
Total: 600 million yen (does not include consumption tax)

Filming is scheduled to start in September 2013 and finish at end-October. Post production is set to complete at end-December. We plan to exhibit the film at the Cannes Film Festival in 2014. Distributed by GAGA, the film is scheduled for release at around 150 theaters nationwide on July 19, 2014. We will screen the film in DVD or Blu-ray format at public and private elementary, middle and high schools nationwide.

The film will be translated into English and French, and exhibited at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival.

Part of the proceeds of the film will go to local afforestation projects.

- Sponsorship for production of film 'A Capriccio of Forest and Earth'

One share: 10 million yen (plus consumption tax)
(10 shares confers key sponsor status, 30 shares for crown sponsor)

Sponsorship benefits: Corporate sponsors will be credited in the film itself and in all promotional materials. The film's production will be funded by sponsorship contributions only. This means that no distributions need be paid to the entertainment industry as such. Sponsors may use images from the film, logo marks, and character designs in accordance with prescribed rules. Sponsors may use DVDs as original promotional merchandise and conduct screening events. We are also open to meeting sponsors' other individual needs.

Participating in the production of a film about Professor Miyawaki, the evangelist of forests, will identify your company as a supporter of the global environment. Your company will be credited in the film itself and in all promotional materials. Your company may use character merchandise, logo marks and other items in accordance with prescribed rules.

For more on Professor Miyawaki and his work, please see -


Yasushi Akutagawa
Pride One Entertainment Co., Ltd.
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