Tuesday, July 23rd, 2013
Today Tonight recently featured university research that is providing scientific evidence to back long-held beliefs that essential oils and extracts can be beneficial to many skin problems including acne, while Y natural customers show the benefits.

Y natural has long believed that organically sourced essential oils and extracts can be extremely beneficial to many skin problems and concerns, including acne. Today Tonight aired a segment in late June that looked at how recent scientific research being conducted at the University of South Australia appears to support this belief. This is consistent with reports from many Y natural customers who have themselves experienced the benefits of Y natural organic products which contain such oils and extracts.

The products in this range hailed for their success in helping to reduce the appearance of acne, blackheads and breakouts, are as follows:

102 CLEAN Organic Foaming Cleanser

With a beautiful, silky texture, this gentle foaming cleanser is infused with organic ingredients recognized for their antibacterial, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. Free of irritating sulphates or synthetic ingredients, 102 CLEAN contains organic essential oils of Rosalina and Lavender to tone, refresh and clarify the skin.

200 BUFF Marine Skin Polish

Made with seaweed Fucus extracts containing high levels of minerals and vitamin C, this is a highly efficient exfoliating gel, designed to assist in detoxifying the skin. With powerful antibacterial benefits, 200 BUFF works to dissolve dead skin cells from beneath the skin’s surface, revealing the appearance of smoother, softer skin. Works to help reduce the appearance of enlarged and congested pores.

302 DEEP Clarifying Mask

A deep cleansing dry-clay mask best suited to oil, combination or problematic, congested skin. Infused with essential oils of Cedar Atlas and Lemon Myrtle, 302 DEEP provides a deep, purifying clean with astringent and antiseptic benefits, helping to stimulate the skin’s processes to remove impurities and toxins without interfering with the skin’s natural oils and pH balance. Made from sun-dried Australian green and ivory clays, this mask helps to thoroughly cleanse congested skin, whilst additional herbal extracts and essential oils play a part in soothing troublesome skin.

502 HYDRATE Antioxidant Moisturiser

A light-weight and fast absorbing moisturiser ideal for oilier skins. With a matte finish, 502 HYDRATE hydrates and moisturises the skin with organic essential oils and extracts, whilst organic cypress oils and bergamot provide astringent and antiseptic qualities, helping to clear the complexion. Bursting with powerful antioxidants and natural vitamins found in Gingko biloba, Rosemary Leaf & Green Tea, 502 HYDRATE offers protection against the harsh environment and free radicals, which are known to lead to premature ageing. A popular choice amongst those prone to break outs, this moisturiser is also the perfect option for men, and can be used in place of an aftershave lotion.

603 BALANCE Pure Organic Jojoba

With a remarkable balancing effect on the skin, pure organic Jojoba can be used in place of moisturizer in times of extreme sensitivities and as part of a treatment scheme to control oily or problematic skin. When massaged into the skin days prior to the application of a Y natural mask, it can assist in softening congested areas, aiding the extraction and elimination of blackheads.

As an Australian Certified Organic Processor (10995P) Y natural is bound by some of the most stringent standards in the world for certification in personal care, and there is no allowance for even a small percentage of harmful synthetics or petrochemicals in an ACO approved product. It is this commitment to producing products that are so high in their purity, that brings forward recognition as an international leader in organic skincare.

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