Monday, July 22nd, 2013
The Country Alliance party has slammed the Federal Government for bypassing Tasmania in deciding where to locate the headquarters of the national disability insurance scheme, DisabilityCare.

Tasmanian senate candidate, Cheryl Arnol, said Tasmania would have been a far better option given its higher unemployment rate.

“The siting of this centre in Tasmania would have brought much needed jobs to the area.  The Tasmanian economy has suffered under previous governments with policy decisions affecting our timber and mining industries,” she said.

"The only stated reason Geelong was chosen was because it has suffered some recent high profile setbacks when it is, maybe not by coincidence with a federal election looming, not far from Australia's most marginal seat, Corangamite," she said.

"Tasmania is often overseen by decision makers on the mainland and people here are sick and tired of being ignored. Many Tasmanians desperately need work due to their past actions in other industries.  The re-location of Government offices here would be a good start”.

"If the decision to base the headquarters in Geelong was about securing votes, then that is disgraceful. Tasmania’s disabled community and the unemployed in this State deserve a better deal than that”.

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