Friday, July 19th, 2013
SolarVenti A/S has been around for 34 years with the same aim - to harness the sun's energy resource in the service of mankind. In recent years SolarVenti has strived to further develop and refine its already groundbreaking and patented products to the private and the professional market.

·       The company has developed an industrial product which supplies ventilation and heating for large buildings with the same high utilization of solar radiation as the other products

·       Furthermore, an "ad-on" product has been developed which significantly improves the performance of a wall-mounted SolarVenti product. This innovation is expected to be launched on the market at the end of 2013/beginning of 2014.

·       Finally, further development has been made of the original patent which partly leads to a slightly improved performance and partly, particularly in a warm environment, results in better cooling of the plant's solar cell. So far the improvement has been implemented in the SV20.

·       SolarVenti's products and knowledge about humidity and the combating of harmful moisture effects constitute the basis for two development projects carried out in collaboration with Danish and German research institutions. The projects will provide new knowledge about the effects of ventilation indoor air in insulated premises. Grants were allocated in early 2013 and the projects should be completed by the end of 2014.

This focus on development has resulted in SolarVenti’s reporting red bottom lines over the last few years, including 2012. Consequently, a renewed basis for the company's operations is now being set up, and new capital totaling tDKK 4,250 has been invested. Furthermore, the company’s bankers, Østjydsk Bank, along with Vækstkaution have expanded their involvement in the company. After the supply of new funds the capital base amounts to tDKK 2,786, and the balance sheet totals tDKK 18,949. Consequently, a healthy foundation for the future growth of the company has been achieved.

Simultaneously with the investment of new capital the company’s founder, Hans Jørgen Christensen, withdraws from the management to concentrate on evolving new products and production methods, while Jes Donneborg steps in as new managing director and co-shareholder.

At the forthcoming annual general meeting Hans Jørgen Christensen will be elected chairman of the board, and Preben Stæhr and Hans Erik Steffensen will join the board of directors. Besides the above mentioned, the board will include Else Marie Nielsen and Michael Jungsvig, who are both shareholders.

These changes mark the end of a development phase and a shift to the cultivation of the customer platform based on the 55,000 plants already sold. SolarVenti will focus on organizing and enhancing a durable distribution network in Denmark and abroad in order to provide service to customers with traditional SolarVenti installations.

SolarVenti has just completed the development of a new industrial module which will now be introduced to customers who need an economically attractive ad-on product to an existing ventilation solution either to preheat the intake air or to provide dehumidification. In relation to this product SolarVenti intends to organize a network of distributors to sell and install industrial SolarVenti solutions.

Over the years SolarVenti has sold more than 55,000 plants on the private market in Denmark and abroad, and thus the product has already demonstrated its efficiency and durability. When the sun shines the air in a SolarVenti solar air collector is heated, the built-in solar fan starts, and the warm, dry air is blown into the house, the holiday home, the garage, the cottage etc. Depending on the type of plant the fan will inject 35 -200 m3 air per hour, - air which has been heated 15 to 40º C. The humid, stuffy air is thereby replaced by fresh, warm, oxygen-rich air, and both foul smell and humidity are removed.

The high efficiency and utilization of solar radiation provided by SolarVenti products ensure a payback period from 2 to 5 years, without subsidies, in the private as well as the professional sector. Additionally, SolarVenti products deliver a highly improved indoor climate that safeguards the durability of buildings and equipment. Moreover, the products are virtually maintenance-free for up to 15 years. Thorough tests made by international test institutes show that SolarVenti products are superior to all competitors’ in terms of performance and functionality.

The objective of SolarVenti is now to enable more and more customers to use and benefit from this unique "green" product. SolarVenti has worked to gain a footing on markets in the former Soviet Union as well as in North America and has commenced distribution to selected partners in these attractive areas.

Jes Donneborg
Solarventi A / S
17 July 2013


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