Wednesday, July 17th, 2013

It's a common knowledge these days that running electric heaters could be expensive, but little is still known about what is needed to keep the heating costs under control, other than keeping your heater OFF as much as possible.

The new Australian Innovation, Heatermate, now offers a set-and-forget way to stay comfortable without breaking the bank and has already helped thousands in Australia and New Zealand since its introduction last year.

"It's important to realise", says Dr Michael Bazylenko, Heatermate inventor "that If your electric heater does not have a digital room temperature thermostat, and most of them don't, then it is likely costing you much more than it should, since every 1 degree C of uncontrolled heating adds 10% to your heating bill".

Heatermate is a separate digital thermostat, which plugs into a wall socket and overrides the crude thermostat of your existing heater of any type (column, fan, panel, radiant etc), providing it with a precise digital room temperature control. 

"All electric heaters, from the most basic ones to the most expensive ones, are equally efficient in converting electricity into heat - 1W of electrical power generates 1W of heat for all of them", says Dr Bazylenko.  "The main difference between a basic heater and an economical heater is how precisely the heater is controlled thermostatically".

Heatermate helps to turn any electric heater into an economical heater in a simple and cost-effective way - the heater plugs into Heatermate, which has a digital display to set your desired room temperature. Heatermate then maintains that temperature with a 1 degree C precision.

"Our studies indicate" comments Dr Bazylenko "that when Heatermate controls even a basic heater, surprisingly little energy is required to maintain a reasonably insulated room at a comfortable temperature level".

In addition to the energy savings, Heatermate also delivers the safety and comfort of a constant room temperature and is popular among parents who want to ensure a stable and safe environment in their baby rooms.

Heatermate is available from and ships to Australia and New Zealand.

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Heatermate Controllers Pty Ltd

Heatermate Controllers Pty Ltd was formed in 2009 to develop and commercialise a plug-in digital thermostat device for home automation and energy savings.

Dr Michael Bazylenko
P: 61 414 385 826


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