Saturday, January 4th, 2014

Tim Williams, owner and manager of A Website That Works For You, a Penrith-based web design and online marketing company, is already looking toward online marketing’s bright future. “Imagine a tool available to business owners that's so intuitive it almost guarantees a return you can't begin to imagine at such a low cost that's never been heard of or possible before,” enthused Williams.

Much of the excitement comes from Williams’s take on a theory offered by Tim Berners-Lee (one of the inventor of the world wide web) in a 2009 TED Talk. In the talk, Berners-Lee put forth his idea about linked data and how it is crucial in the future of the internet. Linked data refers to raw data that is linked together and mined for the purpose of empowering creators, developers, decision makers, and such. According to him, you need such massive amounts of data in order to accurately map where the internet should go, the technologies and languages required, as well as the platforms necessary.

Williams applies this theory to his industry, and foresees a bright future for online marketing. According to him, “The data behind websites, platforms, social sites and more, when used together could be far more powerful than using these mediums for their own individual purpose.”

The linked data in this case refers to information culled from separate data sources, such as social media sites like Facebook, search engines and internal marketing systems (mailing lists, client database and subscribers, for example). Taken separately, these data sources can gain some profits for companies that know how to use them.

Williams suggests the possibility of increased gains if these separate data sources are linked together through an advanced platform that can provide better metrics analyses. The better analytics is, for the most part, a result of linked data.

As Williams says it: “But what if all of these individual data sources were linked and proven metrics for the data existed? Big things! …Use this data separately and you're still going to have an advantage but combine it all into one rule for increasing conversions and you'll end up with an online marketing campaign that's more targeted and has a more guaranteed ROI then you can begin to imagine.”

So far, there is still no platform that can provide such smart analyses but the trend is moving toward it. Online services, such as Informly, enable the consolidation of analytics from different sources (like Google Analytics). This is a useful tool for web managers as it provides them with a single venue where they can map their progress. It is then just a matter of using this consolidated data, and making it useful.

Williams says: “By no means am I trying to say that it's easy and these metrics should already exist. These things take time and yes, data. Lots of data. It will take collaboration and more than a few smart minds to get these metrics right but I do believe this is where online marketing is headed.”

Even so, it appears that this future is close. Patterns are emerging, and soon, these platforms will be equipped with reliable algorithms that enable accurate market projections. Read more about Online Marketing’s Future here:



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