Friday, July 19th, 2013
AVP, the Alternatives to Violence Project, has been changing lives in Queensland for 20 years. Originally developed at the request of New York prisoners to assist youth avoid the violence that led to prison, AVP workshops are now run in the general community as well as in prisons.

Sergeant Robert Duffner, Branch Manager of the Police Citizens Youth Clubs of Queensland, see AVP workshops as part of their crime prevention strategies.

‘We are happy to provide venues for these workshops as we see the strategies taught at these workshops as supporting police in preventing violence,’ Sergeant Duffner said.

AVP workshops are held monthly at a PCYC venue, 56 Barlow Street, Ascot, and invite participants to look at how we re-act in our daily lives. For those whose lives have been touched by overt violence, the workshops offer the chance of new ways of responding based on respect for self and respect for others. However, the workshops’ philosophy is that we all have contact with violence of differing degrees, and each one of us can learn approaches that have the potential to transform our communities. Interspersed with light and lively games that bring fun and laughter, the workshops can have a profound effect.

An ex-prisoner wrote in July last year to thank AVP: ‘In 1996 I was convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to six years imprisonment. I spent almost three years [in prison] and participated in several AVP workshops.

‘I was released with full remissions for good behaviour and deported back to New Zealand, my native country. Since returning to New Zealand I've made a new life for myself. It required a change of lifestyle, markedly different from the outlaw biker lifestyle I'd lived for more than 20 years prior to my incarceration. With a different circle of friends and associates, and a different outlook on life, the closest I've come to reoffending in the past ten years are three speed camera tickets.

‘What changed me were the strategies I developed from participation in AVP workshops, the AVP philosophy, and being able to walk away from confrontation. Many thanks AVP for giving me my life back.’

If you would like to help with this type of transformation, contact the Alternatives to Violence Project on [email protected] or phone 3286 2593. The next workshop will be held at the PCYC on 3-4 August, 9 am – 4.30 pm Saturday and Sunday.

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Alternatives to Violence Project Queensland

AVP is a network of trained volunteers offering experiential workshops that explore creative reactions to violence. These workshops empower people to free themselves and others from the threat of violence.

AVP builds upon a basis of respect for self and respect for others. AVP workshops have proved effective internationally in prisons and in the community, including in post-conflict recreation of war-torn communities such as the African Great Lakes region and Aceh, Indonesia.
Judith Pembleton
P: 07 32862593
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