Tuesday, July 9th, 2013

Adelaide authors Suzie Hindmarsh-Knights, Lilliana Rose, John Malone and Annette Siketa feature in two global collections of short stories to be released on July 13 by Alfie Dog Fiction.

This Land is My Land and Came as ‘me’, Left as ‘we’ are his and hers holiday reads that bring together some of the best short stories from 37 authors.

Came as ‘me’, Left as ‘we’ contains a mixture of women’s fiction, feel-good stories and romance, while This Land is My Land is more action and adventure driven.  Both contain stories to leave the reader thinking.

Alfie Dog Fiction’s managing director, Rosemary Kind, says, “Adelaide is producing some wonderful short story writers and I'm delighted to feature them in our books - they are great holiday reads.”

Both collections have a truly international feel, not only through the spread of the writers but the fascinating backdrops to the stories. Within the pages the reader will travel from diamond mining in Australia to a lone tree in an African desert, from the quintessential English seaside pier, to the jungles of Malaysia and coast to coast across America.

The Adelaide based authors have 24 stories between them published with Alfie Dog Fiction, which specialises in short stories for download as well as in book form. The publisher has over 1,000 stories on its website www.alfiedog.com, in multiple formats to suit most readers.

Both collections will be available as download and in paperback from 13th July with the download priced from just £1.99 (AUD $3.30). They can be bought direct through www.alfiedog.com or through Amazon and other leading online retailers.


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Alfie Dog Fiction is the trading name of Alfie Dog Limited, a UK registered company publishing books and short stories. The website www.alfiedog.com carries over 1,000 stories from more than 250 authors around the globe, with more than 20 countries represented. Unlike most epublishing companies Alfie Dog is editorial led to ensure the high quality of the work available to the reader.

Enquiries should be directed to Rosemary J. Kind, Managing Director of Alfie Dog Limited www.alfiedog.com who can be contacted at [email protected]

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Suzie Hindmarsh-Knights
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Adelaide authors Suzie Hindmarsh-Knights, Lilliana Rose, and Annette Siketa’s stories in ‘Came as ‘me’, Left as ‘we’’ and John Malone’s in ‘This Land is My Land’.



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