Tuesday, July 9th, 2013

Struggling to get into the family car at the local shopping centre should not be as difficult as it is, according to a political party contesting this year’s federal election.

Country Alliance candidate, Andrew Jones, said most public car parking spaces were too narrow and should be separated by 30 centimetre gaps.

“We’ve all been there – at the supermarket when we can hardly get out of the car, let alone put our shopping in it” he said.

“It really shouldn’t be that way. Parking spaces need to reflect our needs.”

Most off street parking spots are between 2.4m and 2.6m wide while the common Ford Falcon or Holden Commodore is around 2 meters wide including mirrors.  Mr Jones said many cars are not parked right in the middle often making it even more difficult to get in or out a car.

“Some people might say we should drive smaller cars but the reality is the opposite. The growing popularity of four wheel drive and sports utility vehicles means it’s time to change the Australian Standard for off road car parking spaces, which sets a minimum width of 2.4 metres.

Mr Jones said the standard could stay at 2.4 meters but should include 30 centimetre gaps between parking spots.  He said this would still require cars to be parked properly but provide more space to get in and out of the car with the kids or shopping.

“This would reduce the number of car parks by around 6 to 7% which will only be a problem at peak shopping times such as Christmas but still provide a more practical and safe way for people to go shopping. We know it’s not a perfect solution but it would make life easier for everyone for the remaining 95% of the year”.

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