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Women make the majority of household purchasing decisions and property is no exception.

Melbourne property styling expert Brianna O’Neil of styled by hibernate –http://styledbyhibernate.com.au/melbournerealestatepropertystyling/ – said a recent study by Harvard Business Review found that women now drive the world economy and it was time that the male dominated world of real estate realised it.

“The study found that globally, women control about 20 trillion dollars in annual consumer spending – which means it is foolish to ignore or underestimate the female consumer,” said Ms O’Neil.

“The trouble is that the real estate agents are men, which means they probably don’t really understand how to style a property in a way that attracts a female buyer,” she said.

“The secret to attracting the attention of the female property buyer is through presentation.

"Women make emotional purchasing decisions, often based on appearance, which can frustrate a man.

“But if a woman is making the final decision about whether or not the couple will buy the home, anyone presenting a house for sale needs to take into account the female-factor.

"Professionally styled properties see a three-fold return on dollars spent and this is largely a result of an emotional investment.

“A small outlay on presentation does wonders in attracting the more female audience who is most interested in visual appeal.”

Ms O’Neil recommended using the following strategies to attract a female buyer:

• Bright properties feel larger and more inviting so turn lights on during open inspections and consider white paint.  Women enjoy that feeling of space.

• Colour and texture in decor and artwork can add flair and personality to attract buyers.  Consider trending colours that will appeal to a woman’s sense of fashion.

• Ambiance can be achieved through strategic placement of lamps, fireplaces and candles. Women are often about creating a warm and cosy environment for their family.

• De-clutter the home and use furniture placement to encourage a sense of flow throughout the space.

• Sell the lifestyle to the potential buyer. A woman should be able to envisage their new life in the property.

“Inexpensive renovations can equate to larger profits in all markets.”

“When combined with professional property styling to further attract the female clientele, the return can be even greater.”

More property styling tips can be found at www.styledbyhibernate.com.au


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